Every once in a while there comes a movie that is just so blatantly awful, you can’t take your eyes off of it. A film with a putrid script backed up by a crew of actors that would only make it to the Oscars if they were the seat fillers. A movie that the studio obviously dumped in August hoping to dupe teen viewers into a seeing a film should have never have been made in the first place. This summer’s special class of terrible is Into The Storm.

I’m going to make this review short since the creators of Into The Storm decided to do the same thing with their film’s 89 minute running time. The plot is dumb people, both scientist and cliché high schoolers, hunt down and run from tornadoes. That’s it. You don’t care about any of them and quite frankly you’ll be rooting for the twisters to suck up these annoying characters by the end of Into The Storm. The effects are bad, the acting can’t hold a candle to the Sharknado franchise and the POV shooting style will drive some people nuts if they haven’t already walked out.

If it was physically possible for one movie to physically assault another film, I would hope Twister punches Into The Storm right in the mouth. That being said, I can’t deny the fact that Into The Storm made me laugh out loud at times. I shouldn’t have been chuckling, but the fact the most annoying and worst actor (Jeremy Sumpter) in Into The Storm gets sucked up into a fire tornado made me belly laugh. That kept the film from earning the dreaded “0 out of 4 stars” in my book. Into The Storm is a special type of awful that marks the  beginning of the end to the summer season.

Overall, I give Into The Storm 0.5 out of 4 stars.

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