Fall has always held a special place in my heart. The crisp air and changing colors make me smile. But nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than a CW44 fall!

We’ve shared the highlights with you time and time again. As you are well aware, Jane the Virgin, The Flash and Mike & Molly are coming to CW44 this fall. But we haven’t shared much of our thoughts. It’s time I share! Check out my CW44 Fall Preview!

1. The Sensational Gina Rodriguez | Jane the Virgin

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Maybe it’s an obsession. Maybe it’s a disease. Call it what you want, we just can’t stop talking about Jane the Virgin. But it’s not our fault! Gina Rodriguez is completely to blame. She’s the perfect fit. She’s funny, relatable, passionate and, not to mention, gorgeous! Gina’s portrayal of Jane is so real and impressive that the pilot episode alone actually turned one of The CW’s harshest critics. Gina’s mystical powers compelled Tim Goodman, CW’s biggest hater, to say, “Not only is Rodriguez flat-out amazing in this role, she will be, without a doubt, the breakout star of the fall season.” Yeah, she’s that good.

Find Gina on Jane the Virgin Mondays at 9pm beginning October 13th on CW44!

2. An Epic Crossover | Arrow & The Flash

This fall will be a comic book nerd’s wet dream. Arrow is coming back for season 3 and he is bringing his fast friend with him. We (namely T.M.) are very excited for The Flash‘s series debut. We first met Flash in a quick cameo on Arrow that grew into something much more. And now, The Flash is sure to bring us an unforgettable crossover. These heroes live in the same universe and are bound to run in to each other. There is even talk about a Barry Allen and Felicity Smoak love affair! Their close-knit worlds open the heroes up to endless possibilities. You won’t want to miss a minute of this hot hero action this fall!

Catch Arrow & The Flash this fall on CW44!

3. Friday Night Funny | Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway? is a comedy staple. The jokes are fresh, the improv is smart and the cast is legendary. During the summer months, Whose Line served as a relaxing hour of comedy in your Monday night lineup. But this fall, WLIIA moves to Fridays at 8pm, and this move couldn’t be better. Whose Line is the perfect pre-game show! Imagine for a moment; your friends gather at your place before a night on the town, someone flicks through the channels and stumbles upon Whose Line. It’s contagious! Everyone in the room will fall into laughter and start playing along with the skits. Start your Friday nights right with Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

Tune in to Whose Line Is It Anyway? Fridays at 8pm beginning October 3rd on CW44!

4. 7 At 7 | Mike & Molly

Credit: Warner Bros

Credit: Warner Bros

This news will change your post-work, TV-watching habits forever. Presenting a full hour of Mike & Molly, 7 nights a week at 7pm. Mike & Molly is the story of a working-class duo desperately searching for love… until Mike found Molly. Melissa McCarthy and her TV boyfriend Billy Gardell have perfect chemistry and feel like a real couple. Melissa’s work in the movie biz is unforgettable! She has created some of the most memorable characters on the big screen, and now she’s coming right to your home! She is bringing her larger than life personality to your tiny TV 7 nights a week. Mike & Molly will be your favorite 7pm date.

Catch Mike & Molly 7 nights a week at 7pm beginning September 22 on CW44!

Don’t miss a minute of CW44’s fall!

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay


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