I’m not going to lie to you. I was already making fun of If I Stay before I even had a chance to see it. The film looked like your average sappy teen love story that’s made to get the teen girls in the seats. If you have read any of my prior reviews, you should know I love these types of films. If this is the first review you have ever read of mine, that was sarcasm. Then something happened. I found myself actually enjoying the teen love story between two musically talented teens who fall in love. Chloë Grace Moretz proves again why she is the future and the best young actress working in Hollywood. Moretz plays Mia, the daughter of a former rocker who plays the cello and goes mostly unnoticed by the people around her – except for the future rock star Adam (Jamie Blackley), who sees something in the shy, but beautiful cellist.

I’m about to make what may seem like a crazy statement, but If I Stay has some of the best teen romance scenes I have seen since Say Anything. Moretz and Blackley have such great chemistry that you buy into their characters and root for their relationship to work out. The budding romance feels real and familiar to anyone who has had someone special, but unexpected enter their lives. The problems start with If I Stay when the movie decides to leave reality and move into the spirit world.

Considering this information is in every single preview, I don’t think I’m about to spoil any of If I Stay. Mia and her family are involved in a severe car crash leaving Mia in a coma. Her spirit continues lingering around the hospital being ignored by the people at her side, praying she will wake up. This part of the story just doesn’t fly with me. Here you have this sweet tale about two young lovers backed up by strong supporting performances by Mereille Enos and standout Stacy Keach and then you’re stuck with a goofy Ghost knockoff. I was longing for the content I actually cared about, which was a story about the rocky road that is young love.

Overall, I give If I Stay 2.5 out of 4 stars.

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