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Lately I’ve had fall fashion on the brain (even though the weather is nearly 100 degrees everyday) and it got me thinking about last year. It seems like not too long ago I was writing about 2013 fall trends and I blinked and now it’s almost fall 2014!

This gave me this idea to take a trip down memory lane to see last year’s trends and compare them to this fall’s trends. Good news ladies… many of the trends that were IN last year are back for another go ’round. Take a look at my list below to see what you should keep and what you should maybe think about tossing.

Leather skirts, pants, anything?  KEEP!

Leather is here to stay! Don’t be afraid to invest in a piece or two.

OTK boots?  KEEP!

Those over-the-knee (OTK) boots you bought last fall or winter will not go to waste. You can wear them this fall and winter as well!

Classic patterns?  KEEP!

Classic patterns are considered plaid, houndstooth, polka dots, etc. Simply update the look by mixing and matching your classic patterns.

Slouchy pants?  KEEP!

This comfy trend is here to stay, update the look with some sneakers for a sporty twist.

Plaid?  KEEP!

I simply cannot get enough plaid and I’m happy to see it stick around through yet another fall!

Credit: http://www.brooklynblonde.com
Credit: http://www.brooklynblonde.com

Tuxedo Pants?  KEEP!

Update this trend by trying them in a fun pattern.

Credit: http://oliviasstyle.blogspot.com
Credit: http://oliviasstyle.blogspot.com

Animal prints?  KEEP!

Whether it’s leopard, snake-skin or zebra… animals prints are going to continue to be everywhere this fall.

Credit: Target

Credit: Target

Sock buns?  TOSS!

The over-sized sock bun is no longer a cool trend.

Instead: Go for a more natural looking top knot.

Colorful Graphic leggings?  TOSS!

Unless you’re under the age of 12, these leggings are no longer a cool trend.

Instead: Wear solid colored tights.

Mullet skirts?  TOSS!

These skirts had a good run and they probably won’t die out right away, but soon we’ll start to see these skirts slowly fade away.

Instead: Opt for a full midi skirt.

Wedge Sneakers?  TOSS!

Out are the days of uncomfortable sneakers! I never really liked this trend much anyway.

Instead: Wear regular sneakers or patterned slip-ons.

What do you think? Any trends you’re happy to see stay or go?

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay

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