By T.M. Powell

Let’s get something out-of-the-way before I start with this review. I am employed by The CW and the “C” in CW stands for CBS. The parent company that owns CW44 (WTOG) is CBS which is the focus of the new film Truth starring Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford as Dan Rather. The story circles around the 60 Minutes investigation of former President George W. Bush’s military service. The film has been condemned by CBS and controversy has been stirred over some of the films depictions of what was true or not, but I can assure you. I will treat this review like any other film and keep my bias as to where I work out of this article. My only agenda is to review this film and not treat Truth as the gospel, but what it. A movie.

Truth is an interesting, if generic behind the scenes story of getting the story presummably wrong and the agendas that may or may not drive the way the news is reported. Cate Blanchett plays former CBS producer Mary Mapes, who spear-headed the investigation. The film shows the audience that the news may not always be the truth, but what you can prove. Blanchett brings more to the role than what was written for her as person at the center of the chaos. You feel for Mary, but also shake your head at some of her poor decisions she made as a veteran news producer. Her actions essentially wrecked an entire news division. It’s somewhat entertaining to watch the train wreck occur in Truth.

Robert Redford takes the role as news legend Dan Rather who was pushed out of CBS news after the events depicted in Truth. Redford basically plays himself and doesn’t do anything to embody the famous news anchor other than play the part. To be quite honest, Rather is just a side player in story with the focal point being on Mapes’ news team. Topher Grace and Dennis Quad prove again they have a great chemistry together after being on-screen together in the film In Good Company. The rest of the players including Elizabeth Moss, Bruce Greenwood and John Benjamin Hickey are really there to just fill out the cast rather than contribute. There’s definitely some wasted talent left on the screen in Truth.

Truth at times may be your common news drama with its connect the dots action, but it does something I always appreciate as a movie viewer. Truth makes you think no matter what side you fall on with his news scandal. Were they right? Were they wrong? Does any of it really matter? All great things to keep and audience engaged well after the movie is over.  Truth tries to teach us everyone has an agenda. The makers of this film, the powers at be rallying against Truth for portraying itself as the absolute truth, our news media, ourselves and so on. Hopefully we can ignore our own beliefs and still do the job at hand without showing bias. Just like I did in this review.

Overall, I give Truth 2.75 out of 4 stars.

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