The 2002 romantic comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a small five million dollar passion project for its star Nia Vardalos that went on to gross a whopping $241 million dollar at the box office. The quirky and charming film earned an Oscar nomination for Vardalos in the Best Orginal Screenplay category, but even near the end of the first film the Greek influenced jokes were starting to wear thin. Now the Portokalos family is back 14 years later in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 falling into the same pitfalls many long-awaited sequels encounter when trying to recapture the magic from the original.

In the sequel, we find Toula (Nia Vardalos) still trying to manage her eccentric family while trying to have a life of her own with her husband Ian (John Corbett) and college bound daughter Paris (Elena Kampouris). The Greek themed jokes are turned up to a 12 on a scale from 1 to 10 in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and the humor comes across more obnoxious than cute. The film actually plays like an extended episode of Vardalos’ ill fated film inspired TV series My Big Fat Greek Life with her parents finding out a family secret that turns their life upside down for the gaggle of Greeks.

The plot of my My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is downright silly and even annoying at times. The idea of another wedding comes across as forced and there are too many subplots with the bloated cast that just go nowhere. The new installment tries to have a heart, but the characters who came across as sweet the first time around are almost at the point of intolerable with  gags about everyone being Greek and how Greece is the best. We get it! Try something new with this family besides the same old, same old with jokes and life lessons about Windex.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 biggest problem is its lack of heart. The film wants to be special, but sorely misses the simplicity of the first film about a girl who falls in love with a boy. This time around the creators ditched the uncanny romantic tale, which made the first movie so charming and supplements the film with corny sitcom style comedy that doesn’t work almost a decade and a half later. Fans of the original may still find enjoyment in this film, but the average movie goer will wish they decided not to RSVP their attendance to this Greek wedding.

Overall, I give my My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 a rating of 2 out of 4 stars.

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