Do you have an old computer or laptop and you have no clue how to get rid of it? How about a drawer filled with old phones, digital cameras and MP3 players? These items and similar items, such as office equipment, piles of paper, servers and networking items, are not meant to be thrown away in your traditional trash can. Not only is it bad for the environment, the information contained on those devices can be a personal security issue for you, especially if those items are not disposed of properly.

CW44, Quicksilver Recycling and Stevens & Stevens have teamed up for a FREE event to safely and securely help you rid yourself of unwanted electronics, IT equipment and any important documents – from work or home.

Event Info:

This FREE event will take place on Thursday, April 21 between 10am – 4pm at the CW44 studios. Hungry Howie’s will provide pizza throughout the day and CW44 will be on site with free CW swag!!

Information About Our Partners:

Quicksilver Recycling Services process-controlled data destruction provides you with peace of mind that your company’s data and privacy are secure. Computer hard drives will be destroyed on site during the event.

Get more information about Quicksilver:

Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management is a full service document management company. They can assist you in business record storage, data storage, protection and management, imagining solutions and software, secure records destruction, pickup and delivery, indexing services and they can provide storage containers.

Get more information about Stevens & Stevens:

Green Me Locally is an online resource for consumers and businesses to locate eco-friendly businesses, events and environmental education in their local areas. We’re here to help people live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

Get more information about Green Me Locally:

Command Your Clutter take a hands-on approach when it comes to helping our clients get organized. The areas we specialize in are kitchens, closets and home offices; however, we can also provide solutions for any area in the home, office or vehicle. Sharon Toston, the founder of CYC, was instrumental in coordinating the entertainment and food available on the day of the event.

Get more information about Command Your Clutter:

Items accepted during this FREE event include but not limited to:

  • flat panel
  • personal computers
  • circuit boards
  • wire and cable
  • mice
  • keyboards
  • printers
  • laptops
  • main frame computers
  • hand held devices
  • hard drives
  • floppy drives
  • CD Rom drives
  • tape drives
  • VCR | DVD | CD | Audio | Camera
  • medical equipment (non biohazard)
  • cell phones | smartphones
  • batteries
  • copy machines
  • servers
  • tablets
  • UPS back ups
  • power supplies
  • fax machines
  • modems
  • computer memory
  • network equipment
  • phone equipment
  • scanners
  • docking stations
  • gaming units
  • testing equipment
  • hard copy
  • magnetic media
  • mircofilm
  • microfiche
  • x-rays


  • TVs of ANY kind
  • CRT monitors
  • medical equipment (containing biohazard)
  • smoke alarms
  • microwaves

Join CW44 and our partners on Thursday, April 21st at the CW44 studios for our Earth Day Celebration sponsored by Hungry Howie’s Flavored Crust Pizza and Grate Grills & More!


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