Green Room starts off with a simple premise. A band who is hired to play an establishment witnesses something they shouldn’t. Throw in some Neo-NAZIs, guns, a whole lot of gore and you have the new film directed by Jeremy Saulnier. Anton Yelchin, Imogene Poots and Patrick Stewart make up the cast of the new thriller, which will put the audience at the edge of their seats.

The one thing you can say about Green Room is the film doesn’t try to be something it is not. The film wants to make you uncomfortable, tense and look the other way during the bloody scenes. Saulnier has no problem as a director slashing flesh or shooting victims at point-blank range on-screen as the audience gets a front row seat to this bloody ride. There are also basic moments with voices talking through doors that create tense moments where the bloodshed is at a minimum. Green Room is a slow burn leading up to the carnage, but once the madness starts it never stops.

The problems with Green Room is when you look past the scares and focus on the film itself. A scummy hardcore punk band are a hard bunch of characters to root for in the hero role. They’re even worse victims to care about it considering the band put themselves into this horrible position by taking the shady gig for chump change. Yelchin inexplicably morphs into an action hero with absolutely no training making the third act almost silly at times with the guitar player taking on a crew of heavily armed survivalist.

Green Room isn’t a bad movie, it just lacks the depth to make you understand many of the motives of our players on both sides of the door. We don’t get enough of Patrick Stewart’s skinhead leader to get a feel for how scary this guy can be. Imogeen Poots stands out as the stranger turned partner in crime Amber, but her character remains a mystery throughout the film which is disappointing. If you’re looking for cinema gore and white knuckle suspense, Green Room will be exactly what you want in a movie. Just don’t expect anything more.

Overall, I give Green Room 2.75 out of 4 stars. 

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