Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic: The Hobbit

I’ve taken a few weeks off from Box Office Psychic mainly due to the lack of quality releases. I’ve kept my predictions for the status update on the CW44’s Couch Potato Facebook Page and my […]


Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic: Twilight Edition

I have gone on record stating the Twilight franchise is one of the worst movie series in history. Terrible acting, effects and story telling making the films torturous to watch. My feelings aside you can’t […]


Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic (11-9)

I guess when it comes to animated movies about retro video games from the 1980s, I know how to pick them. Wreck-It Ralph made $49 million last weekend, which was very close to my $50 […]


Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic (11-2)

Last weekend the critically acclaimed Argo finally topped the box office. Argo has benefitted from strong word of mouth and held off the box office bomb Cloud Atlas. This week the critical darling will fall to […]


Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic (10-26)

I have to face the facts. I have been terrible when it comes to picking the money amount for films at the box office. I have done well with the order, but I have been […]


Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic (10-19)

Taken 2 has owned the box office crown for the past two weeks just as I predicted. Mr. Neeson’s reign as box office king will end this weekend with two new films arriving in theaters. […]


Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic (10-12)

Last week I was correct with my predictions when it came to Taken 2 winning the box office and Frankenwennie being dead on arrival. The money predictions have still been giving me trouble, but we […]


Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic (10-5)

I’m still trying to heal my mind after Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania made a mockery of my box office psychic abilities last week. The film doubled my prediction’s grossing $42 million and becoming the highest […]


Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic (9-28)

I think we can all face the fact the movie business has struggled in the past few months. I know September is a notoriously slow month at theaters, but films have underperformed since the Aurora […]


Box Office Psychic

Box Office Psychic (9-21)

I precisely picked Resident Evil: Retribution‘s performance at the box office last weekend. I stated the film would have the lowest debut since the original Resident Evil and was spot on the money with my […]