Movie Review: American HoneyDirector Andrea Arnold puts the audience right in the bus with this white trash crew giving you a slice of Americana that is downright dirty and not a joy to watch whatsoever in American Honey.
Movie Review | Jack Reacher: Never Go BackJack Reacher: Never Go Back may not have been a sequel audiences were clamoring to see, but Cruise and his Director pal Edward Zwick actually improves on the previous installment by humanizing the no-nonsense Ex Military Policeman Jack Reacher this go around.
Movie Review: Keeping Up with the JonesesKeeping Up with the Joneses had potential, but flounders in the worst possible way misusing its cast and keeping the laughs to a bare minimum.
44 on the Town | The Birth of a Nation Review with SBKSoul Brother Kevin from 102.5 The Bone stopped by to discuss the controversial new film The Birth of a Nation.
Movie Review: The AccountantThe Accountant is one of those rare action films that manages to be smart, yet not get too involved in the math side of the story losing some viewers (myself included) whose numbers game is not up to par
Movie Review: DenialThis legal location switcheroo leads to a unique film drama full of frustration propped up by two strong performances from Weisz and Wilkinson.
Movie Review: The Girl on the TrainThe Girl on the Train with Emily Blunt in the lead looked like a winner on paper, yet the adaptation doesn't do anything to entice the audience into caring about what happens to all these unlikable, self-absorbed people and their problems.
Movie Review: The Birth of a NationThe Birth of a Nation is one of the few instances where the director of the film actually bails himself out by giving a strong performance in the lead as a nice man forced to raise his fist in order to do what he feels is right.
Movie Review: Deepwater HorizonThe explosion is the focus of Deepwater Horizon, but the cast gives the audience its hope and depictions of heroism.
Movie Review: Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar ChildrenBurton creates a beautiful world full of amazing individuals in Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, but it can't make up for lack of originality and an uninspired lead in the form of Asa Butterfield .
Movie Review: The HollarsWithout the amazing performance of Martindale, The Hollars would be a bad movie with goofy moments that don't match the rest of the vibe in the film.
Movie Review: StorksStorks definitely has a neat concept, but the problem is there are so many subplots in the story that it's hard to figure out what storyline we should really care about.

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