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Movie Review: Goosebumps

Goosebumps is an enjoyable kids film with a hint of horror giving your kids some harmless scares that will make you smile knowing your passing something down to them from your past.

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Movie Review: Big Stone Gap

Big Stone Gap should be a nice change-up for those longing for a relatable film that serves as looking-glass into the past instead of a big bloated blockbuster with no substance.


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Movie Review: Pan

None of the pieces fit together in Pan and if I was the cast, crew and creators behind this bomb. I would be thanking my lucky stars that Fantastic Four came out this year. Otherwise, Pan would be in the running for biggest flop of the year.


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Movie Review: 99 Homes

99 Homes maybe one of the most gripping, well acted and frustrating films to watch this year and there are no bombs to dismantle or evil supernatural villains to defeat. This film is so intense, because it’s real life.


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Movie Review: The Martian

Ridley Scott’s execution is flawless, but what makes The Martian special is its heart which is provided by a career defining performance by Matt Damon.


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Movie Review: The Walk

The Walk may take a while to get off the ledge, but once it does. You’ll be holding your breath and afraid to look up at the screen.


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Movie Review: Sicario

Blunt may be the lead, but Benicio Del Torro is the star of the Sicario. His performance will surely garner Oscar Buzz playing a consultant who is one bad dude and not to be messed with.


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The 4: Horror Movie Icons

There are certain figures in the Horror movie genre that stand out. They strike fear in your hearts or make you cringe with their horrific actions. You see these faces of fear and immediately know […]


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Movie Review: Pawn Sacrifice

Fischer is shown as a greedy, arrogant and paranoid bigot. Pawn Sacrifice leaves too much on the cutting room floor and creates a figure at the center who’s hard to root for.


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Movie Review: Grandma

Lily Tomlin makes a bummer of a film watchable, because of her performance. It’s a one woman show in Grandma.