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Credit: The Film Arcade

Movie Review: Don’t Think Twice

Don’t Think Twice is a serious examination of the life of Improv performers and the grim reality that you can chase a dream, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to catch it.


Credit: CBS Films

Movie Review: Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water is not a stick up a minute crime tale, but a realistic and even sometimes relatable throwback western noir full of solid acting, heart pounding action and a pace that will have you appreciating the downtime contemplating our players actions as you gaze upon the eerily beautiful tumble weed back roads of West Texas.


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Movie Review: War Dogs

The strong acting from Hill and Teller in War Dogs help Phillips gain success stepping out of his comfort zone as a director.


Credit: Paramount Pictures

Movie Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

Streep shows again in Florence Foster Jenkins she can take an average movie and make it an endearing good time with her unmatched acting skills.


Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon

Newcomer David Lowery takes full advantage of the large room for improvement as both writer and director of this remake set in the Pacific Northwest in 1982.


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Warner Bros., DC Comics, David Ayer and the rest of the crew of Suicide Squad should be patted on the back and told “Not too bad” after the mess that was Batman V Superman. As long as after the mild congrats, someone whispers in their ears and says “I know you can do better”.


Credit: Universal Pictures

Movie Review: Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is by no means a bad film, it’s just at times the movie seemed like it should have been called Jason Bored, because nothing on-screen suggests fans should be excited Bourne is back.


Credit: Bleecker Street

Movie Review: Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic is a beautifully shot and well crafted film that is anchored by the strong performance from Viggo Mortensen.


Credit: Paramount Pictures

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond is definitely a fun time in terms of summer movies, it just lacks the depth J.J. Abrams brought to the franchise in terms of story and characters.


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Movie Review: Lights Out

Lights Out is a simple movie in terms of running time (81 minutes) and budget ($5 million), but is an exciting horror movie that skips the gore for good old fashion frights with a PG 13 rating




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