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Sunday Mornings, 10am

Bayside is a community affairs show that is dedicated to informing the Tampa Bay area viewer about how to get out and get involved in their community.

Find out about local charity events and how you can help or donate to your community.

Hosted by Sheli Sanders.

Bayside | The Florida Strawberry Festival (2/25)

On this episode of ‘Bayside,’ we’re joined by some special guests to tell us all about the upcoming event. 


Bayside | Fulfill Your Destiny (3/4)

Learn more about Fulfill Your Destiny’s mission on this episode of ‘Bayside!’


Bayside | Gasparilla Music Festival (2/11)

Don’t miss all the inside details on the Gasparilla Music Festival on this episode of ‘Bayside!’


Bayside | Humane Society of Pinellas (2/18)

See the Humane Society of Pinellas and their furry friend Franklin on this episode of ‘Bayside!’


Bayside: Florida State Fair (2/4)

Get all the details on rides, entertainment and ticket prices on this episode of ‘Bayside.’


Bayside: Firmly Established, Inc (1/28)

Find out more about Firmly Established, Inc. and their work in Pinellas on this episode of ‘Bayside.’


Bayside: Humane Education Connection (1/21)

Find out more about Humane Education Connection and meet spokespooch Brooklyn on this episode of ‘Bayside.’


Bayside: Charity Polo Classic (12/24 & 1/7)

Learn more about the Charity Polo Classic on this episode of ‘Bayside.’


Bayside: Florida Covering Kids & Families (12/3)

On this episode, we learn more about Florida Covering Kids & Families.


Bayside: Pinellas Hope (12/17)

On this episode, a decade of optimism, charity and leadership as we celebrate Pinellas Hope.


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