It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

philly It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaWeeknights, 1:00 am
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an original comedy series about four friends who run a bar in Philadelphia. Charlie, Mac, and Dennis—friends since childhood—are the original owners of Paddy’s pub. Dee, Dennis’ twin sister, works as the bartender. Owning their own business gives them the flexibility to spend their time satisfying their own distorted needs.This provocative sitcom is known for pushing the envelope by tackling some controversial issues. Because of the show’s edgy subject matter, twisted humor, and the gang’s hilariously unconventional approach at life, this series drew a small cult following during its first season. The second season addition of Danny DeVito to the cast (playing Dennis and Dee’s father) gave the series a slight ratings boost that helped its renewal.

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