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It’s been ninety-seven years since nuclear Armageddon decimated the Earth, destroying civilization.  The only survivors were the 400 inhabitants of 12 international space stations that were in orbit at the time.  Now, unbeknownst to the general population, the Ark is dying.  In a desperate attempt to prevent the extinction of humanity, a group of 100 juvenile prisoners are secretly exiled to the ground to test whether the atmosphere can once again support life.  The youth have quite literally inherited the Earth.

Credit: The CW

The 100: A Lie Guarded (2/22)

Continued struggles with leadership and trust in Arkadia and Polis take violent turns while Abby (Paige Turco) leads a team to a distant location hoping to find answers.

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The 100: The Four Horsemen (2/15)

Jaha (Isaiah Washington) leads Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) down a road to possible salvation while tensions rise in Arkadia and Polis.


Credit: The CW

The 100: Heavy Lies the Crown (2/8)

The burden of leading weighs heavily upon Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) when different challenges force them to determine who will live and die.


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The 100: Echoes (2/1)

Don’t miss the season premiere Wednesday, February 1st at 9pm on CW44!


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The 100: Perverse Instantiation – Part Two (5/19)

In the season’s epic and mind-bending conclusion, our heroes begin to face the reality of their tragic situation.


Credit: The CW

The 100: Perverse Instantiation (5/12)

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) finds hope in the most unlikely place.


Credit: The CW

The 100: Join or Die (4/28)

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is on a mission that could change everything.


Credit: The CW

The 100: Demons (4/21)

Jaha (Isaiah Washington) returns to Polis, and Murphy (Richard Harmon) has a surprise encounter.


Credit: The CW

The 100: Fallen (4/7)

Jaha (Isaiah Washington) employs a terrifying new method to convince Abby (Paige Turco) to join his cause, Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) is on a mission, and Bellamy (Bob Morley) is hit with a hard truth.


Credit: The CW

The 100: Stealing Fire (3/31)

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) discovers a shocking truth, and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is forced to make a decision that could have devastating consequences.


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