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Box Office $$ Psychic: May 11th Weekend

It’s time for me, the Couch Potato Commentater to read the tea leaves and look into my crystal ball and predict the box office winner for the weekend of May 11th.  The Avengers smashed through […]


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Box Office Heroes

The Avengers assembled a ton of cash over the weekend to break the boy wizard’s record from last summer for biggest opening weekend ever. Earth’s mightiest heroes Hulk-smashed their way past box office expectations pulling […]


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$200 Million and Rising

In the summer of 1995, poor Kevin Costner was getting destroyed by the media for starring in and producing the film Waterworld, which had an estimated budget of 180 million dollars.  Movie-goers had never seen […]


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Lockout: Movie Review

This week I got to see a sneak peek on the movie Lockout… here’s what I thought about it! When I saw Memento over 12 years ago, I thought Guy Pearce was going to be […]


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Will “Arrow” Hit Its Target?

Ever since The CW announced that the network was moving ahead with a planned Green Arrow TV series called Arrow, I have been excited with the prospect of another cool superhero getting his own series. […]


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Jump for Jonah

When Jonah Hill started to show up on the red carpet and premieres at the end of last summer, many people couldn’t believe how much weight he had lost. He looked like a totally different […]


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Most Hated Movies… Really?!

With the Academy Awards over and the silent film mafia out to get me for my comments about my disdain for The Artist, I decided to take a look at a list created by the […]