Movie Review: MoanaThe substance in Moana may lack in content at times, but is made up for in a big way with the immaculate look of the film.
Movie Review: AlliedThe pace of Allied is one big tease that never fulfills the spy thriller expectations advertised in its marketing campaign.
Movie Review: Nocturnal AnimalsWhat saves Nocturnal Animals from the awkward cinema director Tom Ford delivers to his audience is the standout dual performance of Jake Gyllenhaal.
44 on the Town: Fantastic Beasts Review Check out Miguel Fuller & Holly O'Connor from The Miguel & Holly Show on Hot 101.5 join fellow Potterhead T.M. to celebrate Fantastic Beasts. Added Bonus! Veronica from 99.5 QYK sits in as well to describe her first experience into the Wizarding World.
Movie Review: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime WalkBilly Lynn's Long Halftime Walk could have been an exceptional emotional journey to witness, but instead flounders in its own clichéd story that fails to connect with the audience.
Movie Review: Edge of SeventeenTo put it quite simply, Hailee Steinfeld is amazing in Edge of Seventeen and should be seriously considered for the lead actress race during award season
Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemWhat's great about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is it manages to feel fresh without relying on the former franchise to drive the new story.
Movie Review: LovingLoving is a quiet little film that survives on the performances of Edgerton and Negga.
Movie Review: Rules Don't ApplyTime looks to have passed Warren Beatty by as a director as he stumbles trying to show the crazy world of Howard Hughes in Rules Don't Apply.
Movie Review: ArrivalArrival proves Science Fiction films can be art, emotional and thought-provoking without firing a single death ray causing intergalactic war.
Movie Review: Doctor StrangeJust like Disney and Marvel made us buy into a tree and a talking raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy; you'll believe in magic after seeing Doctor Strange.
Movie Review: Hacksaw RidgeAndrew Garfield shows through his work in Hacksaw Ridge that he is more than just the guy from the failed The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, but a gifted actor showing a different side to the American soldier under the watch of director Mel Gibson.

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