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What’s Trending: The Bob

It seems as though every time I turn around someone else has gone and chopped their hair off. A few years ago the long waves were in, but now a shorter do seems to have […]


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Trending Hairstyle: Braids

Braids, especially side braids are my go-to look during the summer months. It’s fast, easy and usually looks better than just a messy bun or a ponytail (not that I’m knocking those). I really like […]


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P!nk: Long Hair Don’t Care

This just in: P!nk has long hair! Yes, you heard right. P!nk, the punky-rocky-bass-ass-singer has long hair, and it happened almost overnight! We are so used to P!nk and her rocked out do’s. She is […]


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Our Fave Head Shave

Styles, hairstyles especially, change constantly. Remember the one-sided head shave? I didn’t even touch this daring look, I am not that bold. But when done right, this do can create an edgy and glamorous look. So which singer wore this style […]