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Best Pumpkin Dishes In Tampa Bay

Of all the winter squash that adorns grocery store shelves and produce department bins, none are as well-loved as the pumpkin. These Tampa Bay restaurants have taken the humble pumpkin to the next level in these delicious seasonal dishes.



Best Cupcakes in Tampa

Let’s all just admit it, cupcakes are awesome! Let’s also admit we’re lousy bakers, unless it comes from a box. It’s imperative that we find some places in Tampa for that little bit of sweet […]


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Best Tacos in Tampa

  TacoSon 7521 N. 56th Street Tampa, FL 33617 (813) 989-2080 TacoSon is known for their authentic and incredibly delicious menu. They serve everything from Chimichangas to Flautas, and they serve it right. TacoSon […]