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The 4: Thrift Shopping Tips

I have always been a fan of thrifting! I’m guessing you know what thrifting is since you are reading this post, but just in case you don’t know what thrifting is… it’s when you find great, [...]



4 Things In College That Aren’t So Serious

I’m officially in my senior year of college (When did that happen?!) and if there is anything that I have learned in my college years, it’s that while something may be a big deal at the time, it’s [...]


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The 4 Rules for Traveling OverSeas

Summer is a time for fun in the sun and it’s also the perfect time to travel. What could be more fun than traveling? I was provided the incredible opportunity to travel on a Birthright trip [...]


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The 4: Movie Tearjerkers

I don’t cry in movies.  Why you ask?  …because they’re fake and not real.  Yet sometimes our personal emotions get caught up in the movie experience that leads us to weep like babies. Like I [...]


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The 4: Overrated Movies

After publishing ‘The 4: Underrated Movies‘, it was only a matter a time before I examined the other end of the spectrum. I’m not looking for the hidden  gems you may not have seen, but [...]


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The 4: Underrated Movies

A few months back I wrote my Underrated/Overrated Actors articles and it spurned a spirited debate. It was a great topic and I enjoyed hearing criticism and praise for my ideas. I knew at the time [...]


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The 4: Movie Remake Wish List

I know that I have been somewhat of a snob when it comes to movie remakes in the past. The disastrous remake of Red Dawn inspired me to create part 1 and 2 of my ‘Sacred Movies” [...]



The 4: Arrow Expectations

I am absolutely loving the direction Arrow has been going with their storyline. The show seemed to hit its stride creatively — they made the hottest nerd on television Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) a [...]


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The 4: Sacred Movies 2

Last November I wrote one of my favorite articles for CW44. ‘The 4: Sacred Movies‘ was a list of the four movies that should never get the remake treatment from Hollywood. They’re the films we [...]


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The 4: Underrated Actors/Actresses

I survived placing Robert De Niro on my list of overrated actors early this week. I heard some complaints about his addition to my list, but I also heard support of my opinion as well. [...]