The Messengers

Credit: The CW

New Show | ‘The Messengers’ First Look

We’ve discussed “end of days” premise and we’ve shared the confusing pics… but you’re still without answers. What in the world is The Messengers?! Well friends, look no further, for we have your first look at the […]



The 4 | What’s To Come in 2015 on CW44

The future can be a frightening place, full of mystery and the unknown. The donning of the new year brings on a plethora of scary questions like, “Will I land that promotion in 2015?” or […]


Photo Credit: The CW

The CW 2014 Upfront Recap

Each year, TV networks across the nation get together for the Upfront to watch previews of Fall’s upcoming shows. CW’s Upfront was today, May 15th, and I still have a buzz from all of the excitement! […]