Want to know what your favorite Gossip Girl characters are up to? Check out these interviews and see where the characters left off and what they are up to now! Season 5 première of Gossip Girl is this Monday (Sept-26) at 8pm and then followed by the brand new series Hart of Dixie at 9pm.

Comments (2)
  1. Courtney says:

    -“Nah Bryan, his nostrils way bggier than his eyes, I can imagine one can hear him sucking air in and out from those massive nostrils :o) Not my type at all with that meaty face.”


  2. Rahib says:

    i LOVE serena’s boots and her bag!theyre all so guogeros but the girls look a bit funny in their wayfarers.i cannot wait for this show.i live in Australia so im hoping people upload this series on the net as soon as it comes out. if not i will die!


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