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Dear Twitter Followers and Fellow Chair (Chuck and Blair) Addicts,

We’ve got a lot of tweets recently and can tell that a lot of people are aggravated at the GG Writers for how season five is coming together. We agree!

Below are some of the tweets we’ve received. BTW, We love tweets so keep them up!

GG fans are mad that Chuck and Blair are not together and that Blair is marrying that asshole Louis. Believe us, we understand your anger.. Although the same writers that we are mad at are the ones who have gotten us so involved in this show. They are the reason that we love Chuck and Blair so much. We don’t think that they would build this love story up for five seasons, just to ruin it with Blair marrying that Louiser (loser)

Also I don’t think that the GG writers would portray Louis (D-bag) the way that they have been, and Chuck (Mr. IDoYogaWithARealMonk) the way that he has been portrayed recently just to have Blair end up with Louis. The reason we watch Gossip Girl is to see Chuck and Blair try and figure out their lives and also figure out how they can make it work together despite all the obstacles between them. We think that the GG writers know that if Louis and Blair end up together that there will be a lot of angry GG fans. *Obvi, look at the tweets above!* Fans have invested years watching this show, they shouldn’t be disappointed and hopefully won’t be.

I do think that GG writers are going to push this (Blouis) storyline as far as they can go, they want a royal wedding. Royal weddings are so hot right now.. lol. But we have a feeling it’s not going to go as smoothly as Blair has planned for. Something big is definitely going to happen in the 100th episode that we think will change everything. Just not quite sure how it will all go down.

We know in our hearts that Chuck and Blair will end up together in the end. It is meant to be. So keep watching, you don’t want to miss what happens when the storyline turns in our favor. XOXO!

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  1. Emily says:

    LOVE this, haha! Thanks for sharing our concerns and giving us a little validation, dears! Sometimes we get a little carried away with our CB worry… πŸ˜‰

    1. Guest says:

      CB for the win!

  2. kara says:

    Um.. the writing is at its worst when it’s about blair and chuck.. I know fans get excited when these two have scenes, but did anyone actually listen to the dialogue in the last episode? it was atrocious

    1. Anon says:

      No… It wasn’t!

    2. Tracy Haven says:

      It’s was better than everything else!

  3. What Is Fandom says:

    This is so bizarre.

      1. Pancho says:

        Chuck’s progress is slow but it coteinuns.I hear words and phrases from him that were used by him before the injury.I can’t really appreciate the extent of the injury the clot caused,but he shouldn’t have survived.The human spirit is stronger than ANYTHING on the wonderful planet.He will make a full recovery!!

  4. Jennifer Svendsen says:

    I am left emotionally barren when I see the torture these two go through in their struggle to love each other. They are by far the most dynamic couple I have ever seen on any tv program or in film (and I’m 50 years old and am educated!) and if they don’t get together soon, I don’t think I will be able to watch it any longer. It hurts so much that I won’t be able to stand any more of the abuse!

  5. Kimmie says:

    I agree. We went nearly five or six episodes of season five with having at the most 2 scenes between Chair and they were very short. This is how the writers are going to treat the couple and characters holding this show together, with the biggiest fan base? We want Chair. It isn’t even that we want them back together but we want to see them together in the episodes. Keeping them apart was part of the story, but clearly people will get mad at that. I do not care for Louis at all. He is no competition. He is just a guest star so he will never end up with Blair. Dan is the other person I dislike very much. I really hope Dair will never officially happen. Chair all the way.

    1. GGGGG says:


  6. keke says:

    Is this an actual article?

  7. Manu says:

    it has “lol” written on it, and it’s supporting Chuckistans… I guess it’s not.

    1. Derena Forever! says:

      The Only thing worse than Chuckistans are Dair trolls!

  8. Jane says:

    Crazy article. Waiting for the writers to Dare to Dair.

  9. lala says:

    agree 100% esp the last ep ‘the end of the affair?’ was such a fail..Sara did what she could but the idea sucked j like directing…brilliant acting from Ed & Lei…Schwarz Savage MUST come back

    1. Anon says:

      Seriously! They destroyed Graham Greene! There is no such thing as a holy sacrament of engagement. Blair not bound to Louis!

  10. Bonnie Leigh says:

    I think we Chuck and Blair fans are just plain tired of obstacle these writers throw at us. Not only that but Blair is written as a shell of herself and who she used to be floating from ma to man. She is not season 1 and 2 Blair who had layers and these writers are not the same ones from Season 1 and 2. they literally copied the End of the Affair last night. I don’t trust them and I as a Chair fan do not want to watch anymore.

  11. Adrienne says:

    Ofc we freaked out when we saw our Chuck and Blair beeing put through so much pain:P but i still believe the writers will give them the happy end they diserve and ofc a good pay off for us,the most supporting fandom they have.

  12. Meg Crisp says:

    I didn’t like this episode and the fact that they literally copied a movie and it’s music and stuck it in as a plot on GG is baffling. I was miffed at why they would waste not showing Blair have a breakdown over her child and I was even more annoyed with the fact that the never-ending obstacles between Chuck and Blair continue. I think Ed and Leighton Meester are the only thing good about this rotting carcass of a show. It’s sad that I used to love this show and now the writers have killed so much I loved about it. I’ll watch again if Chuck and Blair get back together. Until then, it’s not worth a second of my time

  13. Chris says:

    Oh bother some comments on here. I’ll just say CW Tampa Bay is an awesome affiliate and they know where its out! Im so glad that its still about chuck and Blair, but man I am tired of the obstacles. I hope this is the last one. I just want my happy couple!!

  14. Jackie says:

    This is an excellent article. The most recent episode was completely ridiculous and such an obvious plot point to drag things out. If they don’t know how to write happy Chuck and Blair here’s an idea hire new writers that can. I bet there are a lot of quality ones out there who would love to write things for the amazing talent and chemistry that is Ed and Leighton.

    1. Tracy Haven says:


  15. marice says:

    I don’t want to appear petty, but I don’t want to have invested 5 years in a couple just to see them end up separately. THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER!

  16. JJ says:

    Thank you so much you summed up exactly what I was feeling. It is a crying shame something so beautiful as CB could be tainted by all this contrived drama. Of course drama needs drama but this has descended into farce. Chuck and Blair are perfection. If nothing else last night proved SHE LOVES HIM COMPLETELY AND HE IN TURN LOVES HER MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY. Sloppy seconds will never compare!!!!

  17. LINES says:

    it’s enough, stp drama and let chuck and blair be happy together. They deserve a happy end, even dan says it!

  18. Fran says:

    Love this article. Feel like after last episode it will just be obstacle after obstacle. Maybe it is time for new writers

  19. sarah says:

    Thank you for listening to us!. I just want Chuck and Blair happy again!. I’m tired of this nonsense obstacles!!

  20. ourlittenugget says:

    The writing is at its worst at the moment because their undeniably main character, Blair, is acting so out of character and placed under ridiculous situations in order to prop their “love square”. They have isolated Blair from her family, friends and her one true love; and turned her into a weak and hopeless person who cannot handle or deal with anything without the judgmental, opinionated and crass-joke-making friendship of Dan (seriously, talk about weight loss to someone who’s recently lost their baby????). THIS is why fans are angry. We are used to the obstacles for Chuck and Blair having been subject to them from the very start. But when Blair starts acting unlike her Queen B self, disregarding her childhood best friend – with whom she lives with and is her maid of honour – or is unable to make decisions about her life without the aid of Dan, then something is very wrong in the state of Manhattan.

    1. Helena says:

      genome468 on January 14, 2011 i checked out your site. not bad. its done petrty much like craigslist so i enjoyed the familiarity. A question tho. how long has the site been up? This can grow to be a big thing just like craigslist.. good luck to ya

  21. Heidi says:

    Being a true chairleader, I’m still in the belief the GG-writers will do Chair justice (eventually). We’re just tired of waiting, enough of all the delays – LET THEM BE TOGETHER ALREADY! Besides, the original writers stated “Chuck and Blair are always TOP OF MIND…….” Get it? They’re THE BLOODY STORY! Enough said. πŸ™‚

    1. Tracy Haven says:


    2. Nesma says:

      Posted on She’s an exceptional fhtiger, and a very strong person. I’m very proud of her, and glad of being by her side loving and supporting her. <3

  22. Haters gonna hate says:

    The article is amazing,thank you for this!!!
    PS: This is about CHAIR fans so those who are not chair fans is obvious that thay have nothing else to do and try to entertain themselves by starting shipper wars,so if you are a chair fan don’t give a fu** about them because haters gonna hate,is what they do!! Do’t put yourself in the same level with them!!

    1. Tracy Haven says:


  23. Brenda says:

    They are downgrading BLAIR as an character and BLAIRENA ( since now BLAIR’S bff is Dan) and CHAIR…to pimp DAIR…and it’s so sad to watch this happenning.

    1. Tracy Haven says:

      Yes! It is very frustrating and stupid!

  24. wc2 says:

    Shouldn’t you be promoting the show? This is the weirdest behavior I’ve ever seen from an affiliate. Someone’s working unsupervised over there. Or else they let a 12-year old take control.

    1. Anon says:

      As if Bart W. doesn’t do the same thing!

    2. twikoff says:

      “We know in our hearts that Chuck and Blair will end up together in the end. It is meant to be. So keep watching, you don’t want to miss what happens when the storyline turns in our favor. XOXO!”
      We love this show! Of course we are promoting it!

  25. Anon says:

    Chuck and Blair biatches!!

    1. Tracy Haven says:


  26. Alex says:

    Why I love Chuck and Blair is because among all the tv shows I watch, this couple is the most intense passionate one, they pull me to themselves and glue me to the screen. I can’t get enough watching them. Thie feelings are too intense I can sense their deep love for each other. I also think its Ed and Leighton’s synchronized acting. They can give and take incredibly perfect with each other. Their chemistry is mind blowing. I have never invested in a tv show couple like this and it makes me feel ashamed. But I love watchi ng them. I don’t want GG to waste this amazing rare couple and actor with great chemistry together.
    And no I am not a teen ager but amd 35, I have graduated from college, had my master degree and working in a very respectable company. So opposite to the general idea of some other couples shippers I guess Chuck and Blair fans are the grown up ones because Chuck and Blair as a couple is addressed to grwon ups instead of young girls. Thats why we don’t like teen cliche couples but unique ones mostly created as an inspiration from great epic couples.

  27. Tracy Haven says:

    An article full of win!!!

    Seriously, After Monday, I deleted everything having to do GG from my computer. I just don’t trust them to do the right thing. I am pleased that you understand our pain! It’s only fair, we have been watching from the beginning and I just don’t see the point of pushing Chuck and Blair so much, just to have them not end up together. That is just a waste of everyone’s time!

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