Following the trend of Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ringer, a couple of CW’s stars from the past of have come back home to The CW. Kristen Kreuk who played Lana Lang on Smallville landed the role of the beauty in the Beauty and the Beast reboot that is going to pilot for The CW for next year. Kreuk who had been previously pursuing a movie career will return to the network that made her a star.

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Another returning CW star is Katie Cassidy who let’s  face it was the only good thing about the The Melrose Place reboot. She also played roles on The CW’s Gossip Girl and Supernatural. And now she landed the role of Dinah Lance in Arrow. She will play a lawyer with whom Oliver Queen will bound to have romantic entanglements with because anybody who has read the comics knows that Cassidy’s character eventually becomes the Black Canary. A fellow hero and love interest of the Green Arrow.

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We can’t wait to see these ladies back on The CW, hopefully these pilots will make the cut and we have some new great shows on CW44.

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