We love to dish about the stylish women on The CW. Every night, we are witness to some great programming and even better styling. The women of The CW love to play dress up and we love to see what they have on. But we seem to forget these beauties’ handsome counterparts. The men of The CW are making a name for themselves in the fashion industry, both on and off the TV screen.

GQ recently released their “30 Under 30: The Most Stylish Young Men in Hollywood,” and we were so excited to see some of our favorite boys grace this list.

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Number 23 on their list is Penn Badgley, Dan Humphrey on GG. The magazine loves his “sleazy” off camera style and his deep chest exposing V-necks.

Number 21 is Chace Crawford, Nate Archibald on GG. Recently Chace has been wearing a lot of suits on Gossip Girl, much different than the disheveled shirts and shorts he used to wear. Now the man loves a suit on GG and has a closet full at home. GQ loves his “expensive” look, and we love it too.

Number 10 (drumroll, please…), Ed Westwick, Chuck Bass on GG. His style on set is much different from the man away from the camera. His at home style is a little more rock-y and a lot less ascot-y.

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We love watching our CW boys and this list just gives us more reason to stare at them all day. So look out ladies, the boys are coming with closets packed and ascots ready!

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