Lately, we have one thing on our minds: Ian Somerhalder. The Vampire Diaries star is all we can think about, talk about and dream about. Lucky for us, he is all over Glamour magazine’s April issue, and we just can’t get enough.

 We have grown accustomed to the brooding, dark haired vampire we see on TV, but Glamour exposed the lighter side of Somerhalder in their newest issue. I love seeing actors away from the set, releasing the demons and basically acting a fool. So here’s a little peak at the silly, Glamour photo-shoot that I just can’t stop clicking through.

By the way, who is that B*$%$ he’s kissing, bet Nina won’t be too happy about that one.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    It’s not the actual fans at the event. Its just a sound ceefft on whatever program the user used to make this video. I mean, is it not a little weird how the pitch of the booing is louder than the actual pitch of the video overall, or how the crowd started cheering at then abruptly started booing ? LOL. If that ever happened, where a winner gets booed,? I’d be extremely surprised. It’s just not something that’s done at an award show.

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