Gossip Girl, Monday, 8pm

Ok Chuck lovers and Chair addicts.. We have a treat for you! Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl sits down to answer some of the questions we all want to ask like, “What’s going on with Chuck and Blair, what’s it like to wear all those colorful outfits and what’s it like to work with Leighton Meester?”

He answers these questions and more all in his sexy English accent. What could be better?!

Check it out!

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Comments (4)
  1. bonnie says:

    Love it! Chuck and Blair are soul mates!

  2. Darwin says:

    -“I never would’ve guessed you’d like Ed Westwick – I aawlys assumed you favored the more mainstream hotties (Nate & Dan) since you’re so fond of Terron Wood. I find his character sexy simply because of the personality, but lookswise, I’m indifferent.”

  3. Rodrigo says:

    ohh stoppp! solieusry, Ed looks nothing like rob. I mean come on now? clearly rob doesn’t need to try that hard to look good. he can wear a freakin potato sack and antlers and still look beautiful. And as for MISTAKING ed for rob? come on. ok. I would know rob anywhere! I highly doubt i’ll mistake Ed or anyone for rob. and Ed’s facial expression.. are you kidding me? im sure mannequins look more realistic than that. I agree with you Robo I miss hearing about rob. I like hearing about him, i just don’t like him stalked by the pap’s to hear about him. Ed can’t even hold a candle to Rob.

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