We love Nikita for the show’s intense action and relentlessly sexy cast. Unfortunatly, the cast may lose a fraction of it’s sizzle. According to a perezhilton.com story Devon Sawa, who plays Owen Elliot on Nikita, will not return to the show in its next season. He added that great down home, blonde hair, blue-eyed thing that every girl secretly desires. I feel like I have been dumped by my high school crush, and I think Sawa feels the same way. He tweets. “Aw man!! What a bummer… doesn’t look like I will be returning as Owen on the show Nikita. Best of luck to ’em. :(” The frownie face says it all.

To prove just how sweet and sensitive he is, Sawa adds a later tweet saying, “Watch Nikita tonight at 8, CW. The shows one of the best on the television right now. With out a doubt”. We just love him more and more with every tweet. If you felt he couldn’t be anymore amazing, well, you’re wrong. The sexy star even has a silly sense of humor tweeting, “I did however join a barbershop quartet music group. So stay tuned for that!! ;)” Where can I get my copy of that album… lol?!

Although the loss of Owen feels like a bad breakup, the show still has all of the action and romance you could ever dream of. Watch Nikita every Friday at 8pm. And yes, there are still some hotties on Nikita. 

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  1. Huracanes says:

    I honestly didn’t think this one was that bad. When it was first seeearld it had some originality, good pacing, and definitely some serious shock value. By the third it was all about the kill shots rather than any tension building triumph. At the end of the day, not really re-watchable but okay for that first viewing.


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