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If you have read my columns on you may have realized I’m a huge nerd. As corny as this sounds, The Avengers opening this weekend is one of my fan boy dreams come true. I have been obsessed with movies since my Dad helped sneak me into see Aliens when he should have known I was too young. I loved the experience of seeing a film that was so cool, scary, and fun on the big screen. It made me want to see even more movies I shouldn’t go watch as a boy. I watched as many movies as I could, thanks to my parents having a full cable package when I was growing up (that was a big deal back then). I learned as much as I could about movies, behind the scenes and also began to realize the politics that happens between studios. When it comes to an empire like Marvel, their properties were spread out among studios such as Fox, Sony, and New Line. Growing up and reading Marvel Comics I just knew that there was no way a movie like The Avengers would ever get made with all the heroes being spread out among so many studios. Movie franchises just don’t decide to team up. It’s not like we will ever see Star Wars and Star Trek together in a film, and no Aliens and Predator doesn’t count. So unfortunately, I thought the only way we would only see The Avengers was in an animated format.

Luckily for us that began to change when Marvel Studios decided they were going to self-finance their films based on the characters in their vault. Along the way with Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios (later bought by Disney) acquired the film rights to Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America with an eye towards The Avengers. Could this really happen? Would a huge crossover film like no one has ever seen actually make it to theaters? That idea became a reality in the last few minutes of Iron Man when Sam Jackson appeared as Nick Fury to speak to Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative. I have never seen a sequence so short in a movie get so much attention. People couldn’t believe the Avengers were thrown around in a Marvel movie. Then it happened again in The Incredible Hulk when Downey Jr. made a cameo and we all knew it was on. From then we saw Thor and Captain America make their way to the big screen all leading up to the big superhero mash-up. Marvel had a set goal to make The Avengers and this week it will blast into Cinemas across the US.

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NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 28: General view of atmosphere at the 'The Avengers' Premiere, Closing Night Of The Tribeca Film Festival Sponsored By Bombay Sapphire on April 28, 2012 in New York City.
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Bombay Sapphire)

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Even with The Dark Knight Rises opening this summer, I’m still the most excited to see The Avengers. I think The Dark Knight Rises will be fantastic but there have been two previous movies for the Christopher Nolan story already. None of us have seen any heroes, in any franchise team up like this. Reviews so far for The Avengers have been great and that’s good for fans of the Marvel Universe. No one that is a fan of Marvel wants to see this movie fail. This is a nerds dream come true. The Avengers will assemble on the big screen. The movie has already made $178 million worldwide and it hasn’t opened in Japan, Russia, or here at home. This movie will make truck loads of money so we can expect more Avengers films to come with new characters to be introduced along the way. If I had a vote it would be for Ant Man and Wasp to join the team next. I expect The Avengers to open up in the $170 million range but I could be selling Earth’s mightiest heroes short. Dare I say 200 Million? I passed up on going to early screenings because I want to be there with all the masses when it opens. I want to enjoy the movie-going experience for this film. So let’s hope some loud mouth doesn’t talk through the whole movie or I may have to Hulk out on them for screwing with something from my childhood.

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