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Who would have thought that getting killed off in the first five minutes of a huge box office hit would do such wonders for your career but that’s exactly what happened to Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth played James T. Kirk’s doomed father George Kirk in J.J. Abrams Star Trek, a man whom saved the lives of many star fleet members including his wife and son before sacrificing himself so the ships could escape the enemy onslaught. The role was small for the little known Australian soap actor but it turns out getting blown up in space would be the best thing that happened to Hemsworth.

Hemsworth grew up in the Northern Territory of Australia with his brother Liam and Luke. Hemsworth starred in the soap Home and Away and appeared on Australia’s version of Dancing with the Stars. Star Trek 2 would be his first appearance on-screen here in the states and after that he began to receive offers. His next two films Red Dawn and The Cabin in the Woods would sit in development hell forever but all was not lost in the process. Joss Whedon who wrote Cabin in the Woods thought Hemsworth was a dead ringer for Thor and helped Hemsworth land a second audition for the film. Hemsworth seized the opportunity and landed the role of the God of the Thunder and his life was soon changed forever.

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Thor was the first of the Marvel endeavors to cast an unknown as one of their iconic characters. The thought was an unknown actor would be cheaper and easier to get them to suit up for The Avengers thus avoiding the mess Marvel was in with Ed Norton at the time. Hemsworth wasn’t an unknown actor for long. He embodied the role of Thor and helped the film become a box office success. After that offers started to pour in.  He landed the role of the Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman. Ron Howard cast him in Rush and he got to reprise the role of Thor in The Avengers.  That’s a big jump from Dancing with the Stars down under.

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This year Hemsworth star has burned even brighter. The Cabin the Woods finally arrived in theaters and though it wasn’t a huge money-maker the film received positive reviews and doubled its production costs at the box office. Then he suited up in the movie of the year so far reprising his role of Thor in The Avengers and making women swoon over big hammers everywhere. This past weekend Hemsworth proved he could make an impact without his fellow Avengers playing the drunken, but not to be messed with Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman. The film surprised many taking in $56 million at the box office this past weekend and Hemsworth shined again throwing down against the monsters in the woods and the evil queen.

It’s safe to say the Chris Hemsworth is one of the breakout stars of 2012. I’m thinking my man crush on Mr. Hemsworth isn’t going away anytime soon. The Red Dawn remake will finally be released later this year and he will pick up his hammer again for Thor 2 out next year. Marvel may have wanted an unknown playing Thor when the project was created but now they have a star who can call down the thunder at the box office and his number in contract negotiations.  No more ballroom dancing for you Mr. Hemsworth.

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