For Jay-Z’s first Father’s day, Beyoncé bought him a $40 million Bombardier Challenger 850 private jet, which features a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and two bathrooms. But that’s not the only green involved. The fuel cost of an average flight is $25,000 plus the cost of hiring a pilot. See pictures here.

I believe Beyoncé has just outdone the gorgeous $5 million diamond ring she received from Jay-Z as her push* present.

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*a present one receives when pushing out a baby. 😉

Recently the couple also spent $1 million on a family car and even built a 2000 sq ft nursery for their daughter. That is bigger than the average apartment! And what could they possibly put a nursery that grand? How about a $600,000 solid gold rocking horse!

Beyoncé has always indulged her man with things that shine. Like the $2 million Bugatti for his birthday in 2010 and the $500,000 ring for the re-opening of his NYC nightclub in January. $40 million might sound like a lot to us average folks but keep in mind the couple is worth about $750 million. With that much dough, you can bet he is getting more than a card for his first Father’s Day!

And Bey and Jay are not the only celebs enjoying the perks of the spot light. As a 2009 Christmas gift David Beckham gave his wife Victoria a rare Silver Himalayan diamond studded purse, which is valued at $130,000. Although Beckham was much more conservative it is still extravagant from our lowly perspective!

Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pitt a waterfall for his Christmas/birthday gift! How cool is that!

Russel Brand paid $30,000 to bring a private petting zoo for Katy Perry’s 25th birthday. Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted 14 months…. Maybe he should have gone with a waterfall instead.

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Mariah Carey received a $400,000 Rolls Royce for her 2010 Christmas gift from Nick Cannon.

Lamar Odom also received a Rolls Royce in 2010 from wife Khloe Kardashian after winning the NBA championship. His Royce was valued at $440,000.

Mike Tyson spent $2 million on a bathtub for Robin Givens. However, it is doubtful that made up for the rocky relationship with his ex.

Kobe Bryant also tried making up for his short comings. In 2003 he gave give his wife Vanessa a $4 million purple diamond ring. Of course he could have done that before the sex scandals surfaced!

It seems to be a popular trend because Ashton Kutcher bought Demi Moore a $100,000 Lexus Hybrid just before she filed for divorce.

Come on guys! It’s not worth dropping that kind of cash unless you do it while the relationship is still sizzling!

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But don’t worry! It seems to us that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are still doing quite well.