It’s crazy to think that a movie that grossed $191 million at the box office would be deemed a disappointment but that is the general consensus when it comes to Pixar’s Cars 2. The film made car loads of money, but most fans thought the sequel was a merchandise cash grab by Pixar. This weekend Pixar looks to regain the hearts of fans and critics with its new film Brave.

I don’t need any crystal balls, spells or voodoo to predict what will happen at the box office this weekend. Princess Merida will shoot her arrow right through our vampire hunting, 16th President’s chances at the box office.  Sorry fans of Honest Abe, but I don’t think the film will even break $20 million this weekend. I’m not even sure Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter will be able to hunt down the wild animals from Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.

The hard part for me is predicting how much Brave will earn this weekend at the box office. Insiders expressed concern that since the lead in Brave is a female, that some little boys may not be interested. Though I’m not buying that. Little and big brothers will get dragged to see this movie with their sisters and moms, just like the little girls got dragged to Cars 2 by their brothers and dads.  The 3D pricing will surely help this film and since I got a thing for red heads I’m going way up predicting the success of this film in terms of dollars. I predict Brave’s red-headed princess Merida will hit her target earning $67 million at the box office this weekend.

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   1.  Brave – $67 Million
   2.  Madagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted – $16 Million
   3.  Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter – $15 Million