Credit: Disney’s Pixar

Brave (PG)

Pixar’s new feature film marks a first for the film company, a female is the lead character. The Scottish Princess Merida wishes to do away with customs and carve her own path in life rather than have it chosen for her. Merida is granted one wish to change things but unfortunately the wish unleashes a curse which makes things ten times worse for Merida and her Scottish clan. Princess Merida must use her archery skills and summon up the bravery to make things right in her grassy mountain kingdom.

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T.M.’s Take: Bow and Arrows are huge right now. If you want a hit movie you need to have a character who is a skilled archer and Brave fills that need. Plus Pixar always rules the month of June and I don’t expect Brave’s performance to be any different.  It will also help that red-headed girls of all ages will flock to this movie and think a “that is so me” attitude.

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter (R)

Who knew the 16th president had a side gig as a Vampire Hunter. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter stars Benjamin Walker as Honest Abe in the film adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s best-selling novel. When Abraham’s mother is killed by vampires the president-to-be sets out on a mission to rid the United States of vampires before they take over. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter also stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Dominic Cooper.

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T.M.’s Take:  Hardcore fans of the novel are expecting this film to break out at the box office but it’s a tough sell. The name alone is silly and not all mash-ups or genre-busters work. For every Zombieland there is a Hudson Hawk. Plus the average person who I’ve been around that sees the previews usually has the reaction of “Is that movie for real?”.

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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (R)

So an asteroid is heading to earth and you only have a couple of days to live. Your wife has left you and you are all alone. So what do you do? You take a road trip with your crazy neighbor (played by Keira Knightley) to find your high school sweetheart. That’s the plot of the new Steve Carrell movie, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

T.M.’s Take: Talk about another movie with a title that’s a tough sell. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is the movie with the least amount of hype in wide release this weekend.  Even though I do believe the Steve Carrell has leading man material (See Crazy, Stupid, Love), this will not be the movie that proves his box office appeal. The film will be more about showing Carrell’s dramatic side.

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