A red-headed Scottish princess and goofy zoo animals may have ruled the box office for the past month but now it’s time for the big kids to get their dirty on this weekend. Usually it’s hard enough to find one great rated R adult comedy in the middle of the summer but this week we will get two, with very different target audiences. Before everything is over we could be talking about the two sleeper-hits of the summer.

The first film is making for awkward conversation between parents and their little ones about why they can’t go see the teddy bear movie. Trust me I know from experience. Ted tells the story of a boy named John (played by Mark Wahlberg) who makes a wish, that I’m sure as child we have all made. He wished for his stuffed teddy bear to come to life. John’s wish was granted unlike when I wished for my stuffed ALF doll to come to life when I was a kid. Only problem is his wish never wears off and Ted sticks around with John into adulthood and interferes with his personal life with his new girlfriend played by Mila Kunis.

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By now you have all seen the trailers for Ted and if you haven’t, check out the restricted trailers online. Ted is rude, crude and partakes in a great deal of illegal activities and it couldn’t look funnier. Ted is kind of like me and everyone else I knew back in college. Most people who see the previews have one response, “I want one of those bears to hang out with”. I couldn’t agree more. Ted would be the best wing man ever. Ted is such a silly premise but the fact that comedic mastermind Seth MacFarlane is involved gives the film buzzing curiosity and credibility. The problem for Ted is the thousands of women who will put down there copies of Fifty Shades of Grey to check out the men of Club Xquisite this weekend.

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Magic Mike stars Channing Tatum as a stripper who works at a male strip club with other dancers including Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello and Matthew Bomer. Boy you thought the squealing in the theaters during Twilight was bad, wait till the crowds of women show up for these guys. Every demo is covered for this movie. Tatum for the young gals, McConaughey for the cougars, and don’t forget Bomer who will bring in the boys who like boys as well. I’ve said it again and again too much ridicule from some of my guy friends that this movie will be a big hit. Ladies in groups will flock to see this movie just like they did Bridesmaids last summer. Even my wife can’t stop talking about this movie. The girls at work make noises under their breath when they see the commercials on TV and even my mom told me she is going to see Magic Mike with a group of women. Thanks for that mental image Mom.

The question is will the dancers of Magic Mike be able stuff enough cash to into their g-strings to win the box office from the Disney Princess and hold off the teddy bear. It’s going to be tough to call just yet. Although check in later this week for my prediction in “Box Office Psychic.”

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