Last week I was dead on target with my prediction that Brave would shoot its way to the top of the box office. Unfortunately I don’t have time to gloat anymore because this weekend will be one of the hardest to predict, dollars wise this year. I will need all of Ted’s and Mike’s magic to make the right call this weekend.

First off we have Ted starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Seth MacFarlane who also serves as the voice of Ted. This is my pick for the movie I want to see the most over the weekend. I like the fact that Ted is like nothing out in the theaters right now. No other movie has a bear that comes to life and parties with working girls. There may have been enough magic to bring the foul-mouthed teddy bear to life but not to win the box office. Ted won’t come out on top but that doesn’t mean it won’t make money. The film has generated a great deal of buzz and if anybody can pull off a coming of age story about a man and his teddy bear its MacFarlane. My prediction is third place with $28 million for Ted.

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Many movie goers, mainly women will pass on the bear to go see the men bare all in Magic Mike. Channing Tatum is on fire and now we have a movie based loosely on Tatum’s early days as a male stripper. Somewhere Tatum’s agent’s pupils have  turned into animated dollar signs. Everywhere I look on social media I see women planning girl’s night out to go see Magic Mike. Women of all ages are going to flock to see this film in groups. Just like us nerds flocked to see The Avengers, the women will line up with handfuls of dollar bills to buy their tickets to Magic Mike. The only thing I’m surprised about is why the producers didn’t make it 3D for the ladies. I think Magic Mike will pull in a hunk of cash worth $39 million in ticket sales this weekend though it will not be able to seduce Princess Merida from the top of the box office.

Brave once again will rule the box office. My theory is that Moms will send their older siblings in to watch over the younger kids during Brave while the Moms sneak next door to see Magic Mike. Brave surprised everyone but me, pulling $66.7 million last weekend and I expect the drop off to be small. The only competition is two R rated films that are going after a totally different audience than Brave. My gut tells me that Brave will earn $41 million at the box office beating out Magic Mike.

On a side note to Tyler Perry fans, I didn’t forget Madea’s Witness Protection. I just think Tyler Perry forgot this is not the right time of year for him to release one of his films. Fall and Spring is where Madea cooks up success at the box office, not in the heart of the summer. I’m a big believer in Perry’s box office power but I think the Madea character may have worn out her welcome. It will be tough for Madea’s Witness Protection to break the $20 million mark this weekend.

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1.       Brave – $41 million

2.       Magic Mike – $39 million

3.       Ted – $28 Million

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4.       Madea’s Witness Protection – $19 million