I knew sooner or later I would stumble this Summer with my box office picks. I had made great picks for the last two months including being spot on with my prediction for Brave’s opening weekend. My streak was snapped when Ted smoked his way to the top of the box office earning $54 million. I thought Ted was the best comedy I’ve seen in the last five years and that’s including the original Hangover but I thought there was no way so many people would cuddle up to the toking teddy bear. If I can find any consolation with my predictions gone wrong is that I did nail the surprising high number for Magic Mike at $39 million. Thankfully this week there is no doubt who will crawl his way to top of the box office.

Everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman is back in the re-imagined The Amazing Spiderman. By now everyone has either asked the question or heard the complaints from fan boys like me. Why is Sony rebooting Spiderman after only a few years from the last Spidey franchise? The answer is simple… If Sony decided to leave the web-slinger dormant from the big screen then those valuable rights would end up in the white gloves of the mouse (Disney). So since you can’t keep a pop culture icon down, Spiderman is back with Andrew Garfield taking over the role of Peter Parker.

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So with all of this “too soon” talk over a new Spiderman film the question is how much money will The Amazing Spiderman generate? The film will get a head start on the competition with it’s funky Tuesday pre-fourth of July release date so odds are it will make a good deal of money before the weekend even starts. How much money is the question..? Some people will stay away because of the “too early” mentality, but this is Spiderman we are talking about. The character may now be just as recognizable as Superman, Batman, or Mickey Mouse who wants his white gloves on Spidey the most.

I’m not expecting the box office sales that the trilogy wrecking Spiderman 3 took in its first weekend, but The Amazing Spiderman will take in a considerable amount of cash in the first six days. The fact that most people will have the day after opening night off because of the holiday could help The Amazing Spiderman have a $25 million dollar opening day. Also having Emma Stone, who is the hottest actress in Hollywood right now in the movie will surely help to bring in some women.

The Savages, Katy Perry, and Magic Mike will all get tangled up in Spiderman’s web at the box office. Only Ted, the talking teddy bear, may be able to hold some ground at the box office this weekend because of strong word-of-mouth. In the end I predict The Amazing Spiderman to make $110 million in the film’s first six days with $65 million of the profits coming during the weekend of July 6th.

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*The Amazing Spiderman Six Day Total – $110 Million

Weekend of July 6th

1.  The Amazing Spiderman – $65 million

2.  Ted – $32 million

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3.  Magic Mike – $19 million