There is more to Kat Graham than her character Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries. This girl is a real life singer/producer! Kat says that singing is where her real passion lies because she can wear her own clothes and say her own words rather than what is scripted for her.

Don’t worry TVD fans, she still loves acting but she hopes to one day combine her two talents. She is not sure yet how that is going to look, mainly because no one in the industry is currently pulling it off.

When Kat was 14 years old she saved up her money to buy professional recording software but she didn’t have anyone to teach her how to use it. She wanted her dream of being a singer to come true so bad, she even cried on the phone to the software’s customer service representative.

Graham has produced music for other artists but she said it is harder because when she produces her own because she has a specific sound she is going for. “It is hard to know exactly what someone else will like,” she says.

Currently, she seems to be using her acting career as a springboard for her music. She even admitted to using money she received for doing guest spots to advance her music career. “I can’t escape it”, she explains.

Kat tries very hard to create a specific look for each of her songs. That is where that infamous ponytail whipping comes in for ‘Put Your Graffiti on Me.’ She wants each show to be fun and memorable. She explains in the video below.

Being memorable doesn’t have to come with a high budget. For one of her first music video’s, “Sassy,” Kat made her own costumes!

In an exclusive CW44 interview she told us,

“My favorite part is that there are fans and they know the words [to my songs]”.

Kat said her inspiration comes from old school performers such as Madonna, Paula Abdul, and Michael Jackson.

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