Last weekend The Expendables 2 held on to the top spot at the box office. Sly and crew earned just over $13 million to become the lowest grossing box office winner for 2012. The summer is over, school has started and the new releases are tanking at the box office. Premium Rush, Hit and Run and The Apparition failed to make an impact with audiences. This Labor Day weekend The Expendables 2 will have to deal with two new contenders to see who will top the worst weekend for movies all year.

The first film is Lawless staring Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf and Jessica Chastain as depression era bootleggers fighting urban gangsters who want their moonshine empire. Hardy is coming off his polarizing role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises while LaBeouf has sworn off blockbusters for smaller fare such as Lawless. The film is rated R, which will keep the teens away and the marketing for the film has been absent. LaBeouf may want to rethink that whole non blockbusters attitude because it’s very easy to fall off the map in Hollywood. Ask Michael Keaton how his career progressed after he swore off blockbusters. The Transformers films that starred LaBeouf never opened with less than $70 million. Lawless will be lucky to make $10 million in its first weekend.

The second film could surprise the box office prognosticators this weekend. Sam Raimi is a horror god and even though he didn’t direct The Possession, having his name attached will spark people’s interest. The Possession tells the ghostly tale of two parents (Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick) who must save their daughter when she becomes cursed by an ancient spirit. Raimi has proved he can produce PG-13 horror films (Drag Me to Hell) that fans of the genre can enjoy without carrying an R rating. Plus, The Possession is billed as “based on a true story” which horror fans love. Even with the lack of star power, I expect for the Raimi produced film to earn $12 million at the box office this weekend.

The Expendables 2 had a good late August run at the box office but they will be put into retirement this weekend. Two new releases, college football and holiday plans will knock the two-time box office winner from the top of the box office. When the weekend is over I expect The Possession will win the box office with $12 million dollars. That $12 million dollar mark will be the lowest for a box office winner so far this year.  Who do you think will win the box office? Let me know on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or become fan on Facebook.

1. The Possession – $12 million

2. Lawless – $10 million

3. 2016: Obama’s America – $7 Million

4. The Expendables 2 – $6 million


I predicted that The Possession would overtake The Expendables 2 at the box office, but the film exceeded expectations grossing $17.7 million over the weekend. Horror fans having been waiting all summer for a quality release in the genre and Sam Raimi’s name attached to the project surely helped. The Possession‘s weekend tally prevented the Labor Day weekend from having its usual box office slump. Lawless came in at $9.6 million which is no surprise to this prognosticator. I stated Lawless would be lucky to break $10 million. It goes to show you if the audience has a choice between guns and ghosts, they’re picking ghosts. The one surprise was that 2016: Obama’s America couldn’t gain any headway at the box office. I thought all the RNC coverage would help the anti-Obama film’s momentum with ticket sales. That wasn’t the case, 2016: Obama’s America actually fell 20 percent from last week.

1. The Possession – $17.7 million

2. Lawless – $9.6 million

3. The Expendables 2 – $8 million