Loopers and MonstersBy T.M. Powell

I think we can all face the fact the movie business has struggled in the past few months. I know September is a notoriously slow month at theaters, but films have underperformed since the Aurora tragedy. The Expendables 2 didn’t make nearly the amount of money the studio hoped for. Last weekend the big story at the box office was the close race between three films eventually won by End of Watch.

The box office was a photo finish but the total earnings of the victor was only $13 million. That’s not a number studios can beat their chests over at the end of the day.The Possession was the lone bright spot over the past two months going over $20 million during the  slow Labor Day weekend, but even that film needed four days to reach that mark. This weekend things could change with two new films looking to break the $20 million mark this weekend at the box office.

The first new film is one of the most anticipated releases for fan boys like myself this fall. Looper stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jo, a mafia hit man in 2044. Jo isn’t your normal mob enforcer, he’s a looper. Loopers carry out hits from the future where time travel is possible. The mob sends its victims from the year 2074 through time and pace where a looper is waiting in the year 2044 to blow their brains out as soon as the victim appears. Sound confusing? Things get real confusing for Jo when his future self (Bruce Willis) appears in front of him as a target he must eliminate.

Looper has been met with positive reviews but Joseph Gordon-Levitt needs to prove he can carry a movie without Christopher Nolan involved. Premium Rush headlined by Gordon-Levitt was one of the movies that underperformed during this two month box office slump. Bruce Willis will help the talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt gain credibility at the box office he so richly deserves as the two play off one another. I’m excited about the R rating Looper carries, but I think this will hurt the film’s chances at breaking the $20 million mark this weekend. Viewers are still shying away from violent films so at the end of the weekend I think Looper will earn $19 million dollars.

The second new film looks so bad that I have actually lied to my children and said it wasn’t playing near by so I can avoid this terrible attempt at family film making.  Adam Sandler provides the voice of Dracula who runs a luxury resort for classic movie monsters in Hotel Transylvania. I have defended Sandler in the past with his choices in projects. I understand he makes family fare, but movies like Jack and Jill are too juvenile even for elementary school age kids. Film companies like Pixar has set the standard for great animated family films and cheap attempts to cash in on Halloween with a poorly animated  film like Hotel Transylvania drives me crazy.

That being said it doesn’t matter what I think of the film. It matters how much money I think Hotel Transylvania will make at the box office. It is Halloween, small boys love movie monsters and there is a certain fan base that are holding on to the idea of Sandler as comedy gold. Hotel Transylvania with its terrible trailers and goofy Sandler voice will take the box office crown this weekend making $21 million at the box office.

1. Hotel Transylvania – $21 million 

2. Looper – $19 million

3. End of Watch – $7 Million


It seems America isn’t through with Adam Sandler just yet. Hotel Transylvania opened up to a monster $43 million at the box officeI am shocked by this number. I thought the film would be the box office winner with half that amountLooper placed in second and broke the $20 million mark with $21 million. Looper should do well over the next few weeks due to strong word of mouthHotel Transylvania broke the single weekend record that was held by Sweet Home Alabama at $35 million. Besides the whole being off by $22 million on my predictions, I did pick the correct order.

1. Hotel Transylvania – $43 million 

2. Looper – $21 million

3. End of Watch – $8 Million

Who do you think will win the box office? Let me know on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or on Facebook.


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