OMFG thank heavens Gossip Girl is back!! Monday night’s have been so lonely without our favorite Upper East Siders and last night’s premiere did not disappoint, (OK I was disappointed once, keep reading to find out what that was). The show started with no Gossip Girl monologue for the first few minutes and I was thrown off a bit. Although she started talking right after Chuck and Blair did the you-know-what together. Also, I have to say that as much as I can’t stand Georgina Sparks, she always brings the drama and I was glad to see her back for the final season even if she was with Dan and his awkward hair-do.

OK so last season ended with Serena on a downward spiral, her friends no longer wanted her around so she did what Serena does best, she left and got drugs. None of the gang including Lily saw or heard from Serena all Summer. So we start the episode with the search for Serena. Nate ends up giving the story he has against Gossip Girl (a video he has of her stealing the computer) to Gossip Girl to ask her for help in finding Serena. They end up finding Serena at a wedding… a gay wedding. Supposedly she was the maid-of-honor and is now in love with Matt from 7th Heaven, (not sure of his name in the show). And while I’m on the subject, those two seemed like an odd pair and I think something weird is going on. Especially since Serena lied to him about everything, including her name and he didn’t even bat and eyelash. When Blair finally gets the chance to talk to Serena, she apologizes for everything. Serena quickly dismisses Blair’s apology, saying that she doesn’t want to have to be friends with anyone. Blair, of course visibly upset claimed Manhattan, like she always does, although we find out in the last scenes that Serena is not staying away from Manhattan and we may have a battle on our hands.

Now for what we’ve all been waiting for… Chuck and Blair are back to their old ways getting jealous, while barely being able to keep their hands off each other. But let’s back up a bit, after the casino when Blair told Chuck her bet was on “Us,” they went to the hotel room and spent days making up for lost time.. if you know what I mean. Then they made a pact, a pact that once Chuck regains control of his empire and Blair takes over her mother’s fashion line then they can FINALLY be together. Although Dan was not very happy that Blair picked the “idea of Chuck” over him, but can you blame a girl..? (Did anyone see Dan’s hair-do?) ….Moving on, Chuck explained why they can’t be together right now, saying he would give up the world to be with Blair [my heart melted during this scene] and then he pulled the hidden engagement ring from Blair’s blouse dangling from a long chain, saying that he didn’t want to act like a boy anymore, but needed to start acting like a man. He promised Blair that soon, soon they would be together forever. We just hope this is true!!

Now for the disappointment, and if you saw the show, you know what I’m talking about… Rufus and Ivy!!! Please excuse me while I gag! It’s pretty much like Rufus having sex with his daughter Jenny. I mean Ivy’s around the same age as his son and daughter and it means that either Rufus has gone cray-cray or the writer’s have no idea what to do with Ivy and Rufus’s character’s stuck in Brooklyn. I, for one think that Rufus’s character should have stopped Ivy and shown that he is mature and is better than that. Unfortunately that was not the case and now my eyes are burned from the images of them on the couch canoodling.

Anyway, can’t wait for the rest of this final season! XOXO

Best Live-Tweets of the night:

What did you guys think about last night’s premiere?


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