October 10th finally arrived and our expectations were exceeded for the new show Arrow. The action packed premiere episode was met with positives reviews and excitement for upcoming the season. Check out the four things I loved about last night’s premiere of Arrow. There are SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you haven’t watched the premiere stop reading and come back when you have.

1. DeathStroke’s Mask.  Most people would just see a black and orange mask on a stake in the opening sequence of last night’s Arrow. DC Comic fans knew that wasn’t just any mask, but the mask that belongs to Deathstroke. This small easter egg symbolized the expansion of the DC Universe on the show.

2. Two Stories. One Show. Some viewers may have reservations concerning flashback storytelling, but let me explain why it will work on this show. First, we won’t have to wait around for Oliver Queen to turn into the Green Arrow. Last night it took only thirty minutes for viewers to see the green hooded archer. No waiting around half the season for the Arrow to appear. Fans who are looking for the origin story will get their fix as well. The island will play a prominent part of the story. We will slowly get to see what made the millionaire playboy evolve into a lethal weapon of justice.

3. Katie Cassidy. Why Katie Cassidy? Because she’s smoking hot, that’s why. What? All the women are allowed to talk about how beautiful Stephen Amell is and I can’t give the future Black Canary some love. Plus Cassidy has been a CW favorite over the years appearing on 7th Heaven, Supernatural, and Gossip Girl. So it’s nice to see her find a permanent home on Arrow because her last address Melrose Place, was a dump.

4. Mommie Dearest. The audience got a glimpse of Deathstroke. Green Arrow battled Adam Hunt’s henchmen and if you stuck around for the sneaks you got a glimpse of China White. But the creators had one more villain up there creative sleeves. It was Oliver’s mother who sent the masked mob of thugs to take out Oliver to gain information. What was her plan? What does she think Oliver knows? You’ll have to tune in this Wednesday to see how the Arrow saga unfolds.

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