Last night’s episode of Arrow introduced viewers to an old school DC faction, The Royal Flush Gang. The creators of Arrow ditched the goofy Alice in Wonderland like costumes from the comics and gave the bank robbers a realistic makeover. The gang wore hockey masks, stickered with particular card suits. I absolutely loved the look of the Royal Flush Gang. They have been the best conversion to the tube so far this season and that includes Deathstroke.

The Royal Flush Gang was also a different type of villain Mr. Queen has battled this season. The gang was a family of Point Break wannabees who were forced into a life of crime after Oliver’s father closed the factory where the gang’s Dad worked and took away his pension. The Royal Flush Gang was born out of his father’s failing of the city. So Oliver had a sore spot for the family of robbers.

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The rest of the episode was full of great character developement between Tommy, Laurel and Thea. I have thought these three characters have had the least amount of depth so far, but this episode went a long way to improve the character developement.

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In the end Oliver stops the Royal Flush Gang, but the patriarch sacrificed himself to save his son who Oliver knocked out. Even though dear old Dad took a bullet, I think a new incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang could reappear. This was my favorite episode of the season and I can’t wait to see what the creators have in store when the Huntress shows up in Starling City.

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