Traditional gifts are always nice and safe. Why not switch it up a little this year and get something out of the ordinary.

Who cares if they appreciate your genius or not! And while some of these are a little out there, they can also be pretty useful.

(Click the images to purchase or for more information.)

Breastfeeding Baby Doll

The hilarity of this as a gift all depends on the recipient. Choose carefully. $118.00 $118.00

Tube Wringer 

Paste, not waste. C’mon, we’ve all had trouble with this. Am I right or am I right?

Uncommon Goods, $21.95

Uncommon Goods, $21.95

Drinkman Cassette Player Hip Flask

Conceal your alcoholic tendencies with this retro flask cassette player., $14.95, $14.95

Bacon Wallet

Reveal to the world your love of bacon!, $12.20, $12.20

Condiment Gun

Let’s not pretend that this wouldn’t be somewhat useful., $15.01, $15.01

Buckle Up Seat Belt Key Holder

Hang your keys up in style., $21.26, $21.26

WineRack Bra

It’s supportive in more ways than one! (Do you see what we did there?)

Urban Outfitters, $35.00

Urban Outfitters, $35.00

Mustache Sunglasses

We mustache you a question…Actually, in our opinion, this pretty much speaks for itself., $9.99, $9.99

Mini USB Refrigerator

Don’t you just hate when your cold drink gets warm while you work diligently? Well, that won’t be a problem anymore., $26.99, $26.99

Gun Alarm Clock

We’re not sure how to measure the effectiveness of this. Either it’s effective at waking you up because your aim’s horrible or it’s ineffective because your aim’s horrible.

USB Geek, $28.00

USB Geek, $28.00


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