2012 is coming to an end, so its time to look back at the movies that made us cheer, laugh and feel sad (Sorry, I don’t cry at movies) this past calendar year. These were the films that smashed records, but also entertained audiences throughout the last twelve months. Well more like the last seven months, but you get the idea. So without further ado, here are my top four movies in order for the year of 2012.


Credit: Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

4. Ted 

Let this sink into your head. A movie about a teddy bear that comes to life, smokes weed, and curses like a sailor made $50 million dollars opening weekend on its way to a $220 million take at the box office. Without a doubt Ted was the surprise hit of this year. Seth MacFarlane’s first foray into directing a major motion picture was the funniest movie of the summer. The laughs start at the beginning of the film and don’t stop until the credits roll. Ted is a raunchy, but sweet story about what many of us men go through becoming an adult and leaving our thunder buddies behind. Plus it gave of us three great slang terms. ‘Gorilla Panic’, ‘They’re Coming They’re Coming’ and ‘This is Permanent’.

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20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

3. Life of Pi

Ang Lee proved that the unfilmable novel “Life of Pi” could be turned into a spectacularly visual and thought-provoking movie. Life of Pi never lit up the box office here in the US, which is understandable. I, myself had reservations about a movie where a teenage boy shares a small lifeboat with a tiger and judging by the commercials, is not mauled in the first five seconds on the boat. Life of Pi may seem unrealistic to the general public, which may have kept some patrons away. I will say when Pi’s story is over, it’s very realistic from a certain point of view. Ang Lee managed to make a big budget 3D film with an art house feel. If you haven’t seen Life of Pi yet, go out and see it today.

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Credit: Weinstein Company/Sony Pictures

Weinstein Company/Sony Pictures

2. Django Unchained

I’m a huge Tarantino nut and Pulp Fiction is one of the movies I would choose to keep on the desert island. Since I saw Django Unchained, I have struggled with the fact that I may have like the spaghetti western more the Tarantino’s defining crime noir. The performances of Waltz, DiCaprio, and an evil Samuel L. Jackson are all Oscar worthy. Tarantino may have the best shot of his career to take home the statue for Best Director and Best Picture as well. Django Unchained is Quentin Tarantino’s crowning achievement as a filmmaker. Tarantino managed to mix memorable performances, compelling story telling, black humor and an experienced director’s eye into an instant western classic.

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1. The Avengers

I would have had my Marvel nerd card taken away if the super hero mash-up wasn’t at the top of the list. The Avengers was the event movie of the summer and was the highest grossing film of the year. The Avengers broke the single weekend opening record generating $207 million dollars and collected over $600 million dollars domestically. Besides the money, The Avengers was a critical success and proved you can combine multiple franchises without the story becoming convoluted. I for one can’t wait until 2015 when The Avengers assemble for the sequel. Oh, and did I mention “Hulk Smash”.

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Worst Movies of 2012: Breaking Dawn Part 2Playing For Keeps, and The Amazing Spiderman

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