This week on The Carrie Diaries, the show took a turn for the shocking and scandalous. Up to this point, the most scandalous thing seen on the show was Maggie’s affair with the mysterious police officer. And in today’s television, that is sill quite tame. However, in “Read Before Use,” the writers of The Carrie Diaries decided to throw a curve ball at us with a vagina art show.

An ex-porn star turned “performance artist” (isn’t that a nice way of saying the same thing?), Monica Penny, decided to “reclaim her vagina” and power by revealing her lady bits to any person willing to offer up one single penny. Now, while it’s all good and well this woman is denouncing her porn days and defending her power as a woman, didn’t she realize that she’s practically throwing her power away by only charging a penny? True, it’s a play on words with her last name, but come on woman! If you’re trying not to be labelled a porn star anymore, don’t be cheap! Carrie certainly challenged Larissa’s labels by refusing to join in the “performing” and claiming her right to hide her “rosebud” from a crowd full of strangers. Interesting though that Larissa could so quickly change her own label on Carrie from disappointed to impressed in under a second. Larissa is still a mystery, and I look forward to more details on her in the coming episodes.

After the vagina theatrics ended, I found myself thinking about the difference between the Connecticut scenes and the Manhattan scenes. Truth be told, the scenes in the city are far more fascinating to experience. Sex and the City bleeds from these Manhattan adventures and easily overpower the breakups and dramatics of Carries’s high school. In comparison to the Vagina Exhibit, Dorrit’s mishap with the hamster proved a tad dull. Dorrit should run rampant as the rebel of the show doing more than stealing a hamster and spending the episode alone in the house looking for it. I hope to see Dorrit transforming into a high-profile rebel spray painting buildings and hanging with the “wrong” crowds come mid-March.

While Carrie sort of noticed her sister’s semi-rebellious ways, she, as usual, kept her focus on The Kydd. Sebastian’s past frightened both Carrie’s friends and me! Barely a week into seeing this boy and she already found his dirty little secret! Being such a snoop ended badly for her with a painful-to-watch breakup scene as Carrie tried to explain her actions while digging herself an even bigger hole. So much for that empowered woman we saw in Manhattan. Somehow, that strong Carrie in Manhattan gets lost somewhere on the train ride back home.

Hopefully, the reality of this breakup will bring more action in New York City and less weak Connecticut Carrie.

What did you think of the dramatics in the latest episode?

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Kristel Lugo/CW44 Tampa Bay


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