No one’s holding back on The Carrie Diaries.  It’s only episode four and they’re already diving deep into ecstasy and homosexuality.  This week on The Carrie Diaries, it’s Halloween! In February? The land of The Carrie Diaries goes by a better calendar than we do.

Either way, Carrie takes her friend Walt to a fabulous Manhattan Halloween party at Larissa’s.  The two are smashing as Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  That poofy wedding dress would’ve made any Diana lover blush.  Not to mention Carrie’s naivety at her comment, “Charles and Di were made for each other!” Yeah, okay…  If only she knew.

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Photo Credit: The CW Network

Photo Credit: The CW Network

The drama on The Carrie Diaries is the entrance of party drugs into the mix. I commend their effort to be historically correct by including drugs, but I find it very interesting that they decided to use such a spin on it. Carrie and Walt are handed ecstasy in Manhattan and Carrie is too skeptical and drops it on the floor while Walt takes the hit.  However, back in Connecticut with the high school gang, Sebastian and Mouse smoke endless amounts of weed only to be glorified with laughter and thoughtless comments by Mouse.  Granted, she is quite a hoot in her high state.  Perhaps with the new amendments passed in Colorado, The Carrie Diaries wanted to be ahead of the curve.

Interestingly enough, the homosexuality of the episode grabbed my attention.  Walt and Carrie meet a Requiem for a Dream in Bennett.  This new character turns out to be Walt’s idol of a writer leaving Walt (and Carrie) hanging on his every word.  If the promos hadn’t given it away so easily, his choice of costume definitely did.  Bennett definitely plays for the other team, and when he and Walt stray off alone together it is only clear where the night was headed.  However, Carrie Diaries shocked me when Walt assured Bennett and us that he is straight as straight can be! Even more so with his decision to jump in the sack with Maggie after this kiss.  Does this mean that Walt has decided to suppress his confusion or does this mean that Walt is really straight and super into Maggie? Who knows?  Carrie Diaries really threw a curve ball and I think in the coming episodes, we’ll see Walt struggle with his quick decision to be straight with Maggie.  Not to mention, I think it’s quite possible that Maggie might stay with Walt just so she can continue seeing the mysterious police officer.

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