This week on The Carrie Diaries Carrie and the gang venture off into uncharted territory. Carrie travels to a whole new social world. Mouse explores the world of sex and double standards. Maggie defends their territory at the diner while discovering a new side to Donna LaDonna.

The Gossip Girl World

Our new favorite version of Carrie Bradshaw is entering into a world not unlike that of another CW show, Gossip Girl.
After meeting a new boy in the law rooms of her internship, Carrie begins to discover a whole new side of Manhattan she never knew.  And a whole new side of her late mother, Grace. However, instead of jumping at the chance to get a glimpse of this socialite world, Carrie jumped into it after seeing Sebastian had moved on already with her enemy, Donna LaDonna. We’ve all been there. Pretending like we are above it all and moved on from a relationship once our ex has moved on so quickly. Carrie was no different than us. She played it cool pretending like she too had moved on. I kind of wished she had a snide comment or something for the likes of Sebastian. This show is still making him look like this genuinely nice guy that comes in to save the day and clean things up all the time. When is he going to be placed in the enemy position? Or at least downplayed so Carrie has room to actually venture out into dangerous territory of new boys, like George?

While fulfilling her Connecticut “normal” activities of a driver’s license, the Manhattan world is transforming right before our very eyes. As George enters the picture, suddenly, Barbara, the evil boss at Carrie’s internship, gains a heart and becomes somewhat maternal. She helps Carrie become the perfect socialite for Kick’s, George’s mother, soiree. And let’s be honest. Carrie’s sapphire cocktail dress for this soiree is amazing and I wish I had one just like it.  The dress even improves after Carrie fashions a long tutu-like skirt and makes the dress “formal.”  My only objection to Carrie’s ensemble: her hair.  What was going through her mind with that decision? I understand she has obscenely curly hair, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be tamed somehow.  Personally, I think pulling her hair back would have brought out her face.

The upperclass world gets even worse once Carrie meets Kick and Blythe. As if their names don’t say enough about their pretentiousness, these two are the epitome of all the things wrong with the Upperclass.  Blythe is now another enemy for Carrie grouped with Donna LaDonna. Her devil-in-a-red-dress appearance instantly gave her away as another Blair Waldorf. I think if George stays in the picture, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the newly rehabilitated Blythe stirring up trouble between them.

Kick and Grace

While still in this new social world, George’s mother, Kick, stands in the way of Carrie and George’s relationship. Barbara painted a picture for Carrie back at Century 21, but that’s no match for meeting her in person. She is the spinning image of Eleanor Waldorf and her need to put herself above everyone and everything else. She even goes so far as to outright say Carrie “doesn’t understand how it works” and to “let her go, its for the best.” Clearly, we didn’t like her after her shameful words. However, once Kick hears Carrie is related to Grace Bradshaw, the tables turn. Turns out, Kick and Carrie’s mother were the best of friends. With that, Kick becomes this nice, soft person telling Carrie that her mother was just like her: loved the city, left kicking and screaming, cried her last night in Manhattan. I appreciate this hint into the world of Carrie’s mother, but it doesn’t seem to be helping Carrie grow all that much. Yes, she learns a lot about her mom, but she hasn’t learned how to channel that sadness into her world. Maybe the mom-talk will serve a greater purpose later.

Maggie and Mouse

Photo Credit: The CW Network

Photo Credit: The CW Network

You know, these two are finally starting to grow on me.  In the beginning, their characters were a tad one-dimensional and all I wanted was for the show to get back to the fun parts of Manhattan. Now, I find interest in the lives of Maggie and Mouse. Maggie played the best friend in the world this episode while saving Carrie’s “safe place” from Donna LaDonna. Everyone should have a best friend who cares that much to spend the whole day at a diner for you. Although she is proving a great friend, especially by trying to steer Carrie away from Sebastian, I’m afraid some of her stories in this show are getting lost. Now that she and Walt are “doing it like monkeys,” the whole affair with the police officer is swept under the rug somehow. I want to see more drama from Maggie. Drama like we’ve seen with Mouse and her lack of knowledge about sex. Watching a “How-to” video about sex is hysterical. But necessary sometimes! And I am proud of Mouse for stepping out of her comfort zone and discovering a whole new sexy side of herself. What I’m not proud of is how easily she let Seth walk all over her after she did such a great job with no help from him in the sack. She should’ve used that knowledgeable side to guilt Seth out of his double-standard ways. The last thing I want to see is any of these boyfriends getting the better of these girls. They are too strong for that. Or at least they’re getting there.

What did you think about this new venture into “Dangerous Territory” in this episode?

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Kristel Lugo/CW44 Tampa Bay


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