Dwayne Johnson has a great life. He’s currently in the middle of another WWE Champion run while still starring in major motion pictures for Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson broke the wrestler-turned-actor stereotype by displaying his action skills, box office muscles and acting-chops in films like the underrated Gridiron Gang. This week Johnson gets serious again playing a father trying to help out his son who has run afoul with the DEA in Snitch.

I went in with high hopes that “The Great One” would save us from the movie dead zone. Unfortunately I’m still sinking in the pit of bad movie releases. Where do I begin with all the problems I had with Snitch. Let’s start with the plot. I can’t believe Snitch was inspired by a true story. The writers and producers must have taken a ton of liberties with Snitch. There’s no way an owner of a trucking company would be allowed by the DEA and the District Attorney (Susan Sarandon) to just casually infiltrate the drug cartel on his own. The cartel villains led by Benjamin Bratt are cookie cutter characters who are there just to fire their automatic weapons when needed. Snitch is slow with little action in the 112 minute running time. Most of the action in Snitch is on display in the trailers.

The major problem with Snitch is the casting of Dwayne Johnson as John Matthews, a father who will do anything to save his son from prison. Johnson is not right for this role. I understand Johnson wants to be break out of his action hero mold and show his serious side. I had a hard time buying into Johnson playing a physically weak character who is in over his head. I do believe Johnson can show his serious side, but Snitch is not the right vehicle for that.

The lone bright spot of Snitch is Jon Bernthal’s ex-con Daniel, who gets roped into his boss’s plan to take out the Mexican cartel to save his son. Just like The Walking Dead, Bernthal takes a character who could be viewed as very one-dimensional and takes it to another level. I think the producers could have made a better movie if they would have flip-flopped the roles and had Bernthal play the father and Johnson play the ex-con. That would have been way more believable and entertaining. At the end of the day, Snitch is just another dead zone release that we should expect this time of year. Thin plot, slow pace, and actors that we love in roles that are lame. Overall I give Snitch one and a half potatoes.

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