I am absolutely loving the direction Arrow has been going with their storyline. The show seemed to hit its stride creatively — they made the hottest nerd on television Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) a series regular and the early renewal surely helped the writers expand their creative wings. That’s why it has been torture to sit back and wait the last few weeks as Arrow took a mini-break from new episodes. Never fear because the hooded vigilante is back this week as Arrow returns with new episodes beginning this Wednesday at 8pm. Here are ‘The 4’ things to keep an eye on as Arrow heads into the first season’s final act.

1. The Huntress

Let’s just say I wasn’t too thrilled with the Huntress’s story arch previously this season. To be honest, I thought it was the low point of this season. The Huntress seemed to be to forced down our throats creatively with all the action and twists. It all seemed a little too convenient for the character’s progression. Jessica De Gouw’s acting didn’t help the cause much either. Lets hope they can hit the redo button and find a better way to make this character work in the story line of Arrow when she returns this Wednesday. If not, there needs to be a steel-tipped arrow with the Huntress’s name on it.

2. Identity Revelations

Diggle, Felicity, the Huntress and Tommy Merlyn; that’s the list of people so far that are aware of Oliver’s secret. How long before one of those four spills the beans and all of Starling City knows the identity of the hood. Detective Lance had proof of Oliver’s secret identity, but the old Diggle switcheroo made the Detective think twice about his assumptions. The more people who know the secret, the more they will be exposed to danger. Sooner or later someone will feel the repercussions of having knowing that secret. We also know it’s only a matter of time before Laurel finds out the secret, considering the eventual hero transformation she will take. Speaking of that……

3. Black Canary

Will we get see the lovely Katie Cassidy put on the black boots and fish net stockings this season? My answer is no. Sorry fan boys. You’re probably going to have to wait another season before the Black Canary joins her rightful place fighting along side Oliver. Expect the love triangle to heat up between Oliver, Laurel and Tommy since he now knows what Oliver has been doing in his spare time. Some pillow talk revelations could open the door to Laurel finding out about Oliver’s true identity.

4. Death

Television series love to kill off main characters to give the show some edge and a sense of fear for the stars we love. The first season of a new series will almost always kill off a pivotal player at some point just to give the new series their “WOW” moment. But, will this happen to one of the cast members on Arrow? It’s hard to say. Producers and writers also have a tendency to get rid of a character that’s not working for the audience, although I can’t think of one cast member on Arrow who deserve that label. I could maybe see Detective Lance getting a visit from the Reaper that could kick-start Laurel’s inevitable switch to the Black Canary. Walter Steele has been MIA for weeks so that is a possibility as well, but I highly doubt he will be discovered dead. My money is on Oliver’s island watcher Yao Fei to bite the dust in one of the flashback sequences.

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