It’s spring break for our Carrie Diaries gang, and all of them are experiencing a little “Identity Crisis.”  Spring in Connecticut and New York must be freezing because no one in this show even imagined spending their spring break, you know, at the beach like us Floridians.  Instead, Carrie opted for an uninterrupted week of work at her new favorite place: Interview Magazine.  

The episode might be called “Identity Crisis,” but Carrie is becoming a bit of an identity thief deciding to commandeer Larissa’s identity to fix all the problems she created.  This Carrie channeling Larissa was amazing. This is the type of Carrie I wanted to see all season long.  A confident, care free, in charge woman with a mission ready to take prisoners if anyone got in her way. She thought quickly on her feet when trying to retrieve the package for Andy Warhol and embodied Larissa without a second thought about the consequences of getting caught.  Carrie made a transformation to Larissa outfit and all. I couldn’t love her green, sequin, sparkled dress with black hair piece anymore! Hands down, most adorable Manhattan outfit to date.  I, too, would have crazy confidence and indulge if someone decided to throw an entire line of fabulous clothes my way.  Now Carrie’s closet will be filled with fantastic clothes so she can burn some of her strictly boring Connecticut outfits.

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Photo Credit: The CW Network

Photo Credit: The CW Network

Alas, as always, Carrie reverted back to her true self complete with drawn out explanations and super freak outs.  Although it was entertaining to watch that rack of clothes fall on that jealous delivery girl with the tacky hat, Carrie should have owned the place or fought that girl.  Now a fight would be more Larissa’s style, not Carrie’s.  Carrie runs and begins a downward spiral into some resemblance of self-deprecating words. Once Carrie fails, the world is ending and Carrie begins to give up on herself.  However, it’s a good thing the team over at The Carrie Diaries can’t stand to see her fail for too long.  By the end of the episode, as is customary for the show, everything manages to work out magically and Carrie ends up with a happy ending fit for a princess.  Yawn! Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw was only a princess in style and fashion never in attitude or presence.  This young Carrie needs to learn how to take a true hit that affects her life in more ways than a slight hiccup with her boyfriend or her dad.

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In the two episodes left of this first season, I vote Carrie gets a real blow that truly shakes her life.  Her mother’s passing should have left Carrie with half a heart and passionate feelings of loss. Now I’m not suggesting going TVD and killing anyone off.  I’m simply hoping that something happens in The Carrie Diaries to really peak our interests into begging for a second season to start already.  Cliffhangers, baby! Can’t go wrong with those.

What did you think about Carrie’s outfits in this episode? What you wear that bright green number?

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